Demi Lovato is apparently doing all she can to remain in check mentally, physically and emotionally.

The 20-year-old The X Factor judge has been living in a Los Angeles sober facility to avoid falling back into her previous addictions, Us Weekly reported.

Lovato entered a rehab program in 2010 because she was struggling with anorexia, bulimia, depression, and self-mutilation, and although now counseled and seemingly healthy, Lovato reportedly needs continued support from therapists and recovering addicts like herself to stay in line. 

"She still has body issues," a source told Us. "Even though she's made an improvement, she's not nearly fully recovered and still needs help."

The singer, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and admitted she's had setbacks since her rehab treatment concluded in January 2011, reportedly surrounds herself in the facility with people who know how to calm her down when she flips out and "stabilize her sometimes unpredictable behavior." 

Lovato has been renting a room in the sober house for over a year now despite owning a home in LA, according to an additional TMZ report.

It remains uncertain whether Lovato will return to The X Factor's judging panel for its upcoming third season. Creator and judge Simon Cowell recently said he'd like to see her come back.