Sig Hansen, a star on the TV series "Deadliest Catch," is responsible for injuries suffered by a man during a party in Seattle, a lawsuit alleges.

Plaintiff Jon Moreno alleges in his King County Superior Court lawsuit that he suffered various injuries after being dropped into the water by a crane on board Hansen's crab boat, the Northwestern, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Friday.

Moreno said he boarded the boat for a party during the city's annual Seafair festival and agreed to take part in a party ritual involving being hoisted up by the crane and dropped into Lake Washington.

But Moreno alleges he broke his pelvis and suffered other unspecified injuries during the fall and was forced to seek medical attention at a nearby hospital.

Moreno is seeking an unspecified amount of financial damages from Hanson and the "Deadliest" star's company, Hansen Enterprises Inc., the Post-Intelligencer said.

"Deadliest," a Discovery Channel series, follows Hansen and other fishermen as they engage in dangerous fishing activities in the Bering Sea and other ocean waters.