Dancing with the Stars is apparently looking to add more controversial figures to their cast next season, filling the dancing shoes of Bristol Palin. So why not sign her Dad?

According to E! News, producers are going after Todd Palin, although there is no confirmation that ABC has approached him yet, and a few other famous political names.

"They want him big time," a source told E! News. "They'd love Sarah, but they don't think that will ever happen, so why not go for the dad."

Producers reportedly feel Mr. Palin would be "ratings gold" given the attention Bristol generated during Dancing with the Stars' recently-concluded eleventh season. The teen mom survived week to week despite continuously landing on the bottom of the judges' leaderboard, resulting in some viewers blaming Tea Party support or allegedly a conspiracy.

Producers are also targeting Meghan McCain, the daughter of former presidential candidate John McCain, and former New York governor and CNN talk show co-host Elliot Spitzer, E! News reported.

In addition, Dancing with the Stars has reportedly also reached out to troubled actress Lindsay Lohan.

"Dancing with the Stars producers have had Lindsay on their wish list of castmates for a very long time," a source told RadarOnline.

While Lohan has made headlines for alleged drug-use, partying and law-breaking recently, the RadarOnline source claimed she has raw talent and would be a great fit for the show. 

"The girl can dance. Lindsay is wicked talented," the source said.

But Lindsay wouldn't be the first Lohan to be interested in Dancing with the Stars. In 2008, her mother and Living Lohan star Dina Lohan reportedly hinted her interest in participating on the show's eighth season.