Corinne Olympios is publicly defending her villainous behavior on The Bachelor's new season starring Nick Viall.

"Haters, I [donut] care. I was confident and I was me," Olympios captioned a sexy photo of herself modeling on a couch while holding a donut pillow.

"Yes I seemed a bit aggressive in last nights episode but I've been through a lot in my life and I did not want any time wasted... it takes guts to be in that situation and you will see the inner me unravel quite soon. If I bother you that much please just don't look at my social media and keep the mean comments to yourself. I'm only human. Xoxo."

The 25-year-old blonde beauty and business owner from Miami, FL, made a splash on The Bachelor's Season 21 premiere when she made a bold move to make out with Nick at the cocktail party.

In the latest broadcast, Olympios took her bikini top off during a group-date photo shoot and let Viall hold her breasts in front of everyone -- not to mention she also interrupted three different women's conversations with Nick that same night to get some alone time with him.

Olympios has adopted this "I'm number one" mentality, insisting she'll do whatever it takes to win Viall's heart even if it rubs her fellow bachelorettes the wrong way. 

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison assumed fans would either love Olympios or think she's the devil this season.

Reasons for potentially loving Olympios include the fact she makes sarcastic and humorous comments similar to former The Bachelor seductress Michelle Money from Brad Womack's season and the unapologetically boastful Courtney Robertson, who famously skinny-dipped with Ben Flajnik and coined the "winning" catchphrase every time she received a rose.