Corinne Olympios reportedly admitted to mixing drugs with alcohol before her sexual encounter with DeMario Jackson in Mexico during the taping of a special that will air on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

Sources close to production have revealed that Corinne said she took prescription drugs while drinking booze in Paradise in June and claimed that's why she blacked out and didn't remember her scandalous hookup with DeMario that led to production shutdown, TMZ reported.

The special that taped on Saturday will air towards the beginning of Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season and also feature an interview with DeMario in order to hear his side of the story, according to host Chris Harrison.

Corinne did not elaborate on what kind of prescription medications she took, but she's reportedly adamant that the mix of drugs and alcohol intensified her drunkenness and therefore led to wild behavior.

Corinne's admission makes sense considering that when Bachelor in Paradise resumed filming following Warner Bros.' investigation of the incident, new rules and regulations were allegedly implemented for the cast members -- including a two-drink per hour limit and an initial bag-check for prescription drugs that must be legal and logged by staff.

When asked why Corinne chose to mix her meds with booze, she pleaded ignorance, TMZ reported.

News of Corinne's dangerous choice in Paradise has made headlines right around the same time the first extended Bachelor in Paradise trailer aired on ABC.

The three-minute preview clip aired at the end of The Bachelorette's live three-hour finale on Monday night, and controversial footage of Corinne and DeMario kissing and flirting in the pool at the Mexican resort was shown.

After an unidentified bachelor said in a voiceover that Corinne and DeMario were having a blast together only "thirty minutes into Paradise," footage flashed to a producer demanding that cameras be turned off. A producer is then shown asking to speak with Corinne and DeMario separately.

"The whole cast is shocked and confused," Danielle Maltby said in the trailer.

Chris confirmed last week Bachelor in Paradise will air a substantial amount of footage documenting the events that led up to Corinne and DeMario's PDA and the halt in production.

Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season is set to premiere with a two-night event beginning on Monday, August 14.

The show was initially scheduled to debut on August 8, but filming was suspended in June after a producer filed a complaint alleging misconduct in regards to Corinne and DeMario's public hookup. Since both cast members had been drinking heavily that day, consent to the sexual encounter was in question.

Although Corinne called herself "a victim," Warner Bros. found no evidence of sexual assault during its investigation. When production resumed and the original cast returned to Mexico to continue filming, Corinne and DeMario did not participate.