Corinne Olympios admits she had a really tough time watching Monday night's The Bachelor episode in which she got eliminated by Nick Viall.

"Watching it back was really hard for me because we did just have a really great hometown date," Corinne said of Nick during a Skype interview on Monday night's broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Nick eliminated Corinne during a Rose Ceremony in Brooklyn, NY, after meeting her family in Miami, FL.

"Things just went really well," the Season 21 villain added of her hometown date, "and I was kind of shocked when I got sent home. I wasn't ready for it."

Although Corinne had her heart broken and left The Bachelor in tears, there's a silver lining.

The blonde beauty said her nanny of 18 years, Raquel, was "really happy when I got home, and I was really happy to see her too."

Corinne had quite the story arch on Nick's season. She first pursued The Bachelor star aggressively by taking her bikini top off during a group date, asking Nick to lick whipped cream off her bare chest and attempting to seduce him into having sex inside his hotel room while visiting Bimini -- a move he ultimately rejected.

Corinne rubbed her fellow bachelorettes the wrong way for at least half of Season 21, but she seemed to calm down the more vulnerable and insecure she became. Once Corinne let her guard down and led with her heart instead of her sexuality, she didn't appear to have any problems with the other girls.

"I am definitely not a terrible person," Corinne told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. "I think there's a lot that, you know, wasn't shown -- a lot of conversations that Nick and I did have that were more emotional and intimate."

While Corinne was a polarizing character on The Bachelor, she revealed the reaction from fans has been positive overall.

"Honestly, fans have been really great," she said. "People are so nice to me and they really like me! I think."

This might not be the last viewers see of Corinne, as she's likely a shoo-in for Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise this summer.
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"I wasn't even invited yet," Corinne disclosed. "I don't even know if I would want to go."

When Jimmy pointed out that Corinne has to appear on Paradise because she was the star of The Bachelor, she stood by the fact she's unsure whether she's interested in participating at all.

"I don't know," Corinne noted when asked if she'd at least consider going on Bachelor in Paradise. "It's too early to tell. I don't know. I really don't know. I have mixed feelings about it."

One thing Corinne doesn't have mixed feelings on, however?
"I think if anyone ever tries to give me red roses again, I think I might punch them in the face," Corinne joked.