Corinne Olympios had quite the story arch on The Bachelor's 21st season starring Nick Viall, so looking back, is there anything the bachelorette wishes she had done differently -- or not done at all?

"I really don't have any regrets," Corinne revealed during a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America. "I was fully myself."

Nick eliminated Corinne during a Rose Ceremony in Brooklyn, NY, shortly after meeting her family during her hometown date in Miami, FL. During the lunch portion of that date, the blonde beauty admitted to Nick that she had fallen in love with him.

According to Corinne, despite getting eliminated, she's pleased that she was open about her feelings.

"I would've been really upset if I didn't tell him how I felt," she insisted. "I would've regretted that, so I'm glad I said what I said."

Corinne's behavior on most of The Bachelor season was so outlandish that some viewers questioned whether she was playing things up for a shock factor or entertainment purposes.

"I do have a very big personality, so yeah, that was me," Corinne said of her The Bachelor portrayal. "There were a lot of really intense and emotional conversations that weren't shown. I mean, it wasn't all so sexy and flirty all the time but yea, that's me."

Corinne first pursued The Bachelor star aggressively by taking her bikini top off during a group date, asking Nick to lick whipped cream off her bare chest and attempting to seduce him inside his hotel room while visiting Bimini. She rubbed her fellow bachelorettes the wrong way for at least half of Season 21 and therefore became known as the villain.

"A villain to me does things viciously to other people," Corinne explained on GMA of why that label is unfair. "I never did anything vicious to anybody. I was just doing me. I was just like, 'I'm going to do me; you guys do you. I'll do what I want to do on my time, and you do you.'"

Corinne's antics seemed to subside, however, once she became more vulnerable and insecure about her relationship with Nick as he continued to narrow down his search for love. However, she didn't anticipate getting sent home after her hometown date.

"I definitely was surprised I got sent home," Corinne admitted. "[Nick and I] we just had such an amazing hometown date and things went really well with my family. I just thought we had a lot of fun, we talked about a lot of emotional things -- just super blindsided by going home."

When Nick visited the women's different hometowns, he asked each and every father for permission to propose marriage -- although Nick's conversation with Rachel Lindsay's dad, a federal judge, was not shown on TV. Vanessa Grimaldi was particularly offended by Nick's decision to receive a blessing from each father because she didn't feel special. Vanessa said the gesture therefore became less meaningful.
"For me, I went into the process knowing that it's a process, and I wasn't surprised that Nick had asked the other girls' dads for permission to propose and things like that," Corinne said.
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"I think it was fair for what we're going through and fair for Nick. It's probably really hard on Nick to go through something like that, and I understood. I understand that."