Airline passengers concerned about personal space invasions can rest easy -- Clay Aiken has announced that he's "taken steps" to prevent any future occurrences of this weekend's in-flight incident that ended with airline officials detaining Aiken and a female passenger that was sitting in front of him for FBI questioning.

"While sleeping on a plane over the weekend, my foot evidently found a home on the arm rest of the passenger seated directly in front of me," American Idol's second-season runner-up explained in a Monday statement released to Entertainment Tonight.  "I didn't realize I was causing the woman any distress until she woke me up with a quick hit to the chest."

The incident occurred while Aiken and the unidentified passenger were on a Continental Airlines flight to Tulsa International Airport on Saturday morning.  Although the flight was reportedly not disturbed by the incident, both Aiken and the unidentified woman were detained for FBI questioning once it landed in Tulsa.

"Unfortunately, being that this happened on a plane, the FBI was called in to investigate and eventually we were all sent on our way," Aiken told Entertainment Tonight.  "I'd like to thank everyone for their concern; I am fine and have taken steps to prevent any foot wandering in the future."

Aiken did not provide any additional details about the "steps" -- tying his shoelaces together?  hiring a foot-sitter?  purchasing additional seats for his wandering feet?  flying charter? -- he's taken to prevent any future mile-high restless sleeping.

No charges are expected to be filed over the incident.  "This was a very minor incident.  And it was well-handled by the flight crew," Special Agent Gary Johnson, a spokesman for the FBI's Oklahoma City office, told People on Sunday.