Chris Harrison has reiterated that The Bachelorette bachelor Bentley Williams was to invited to participate in the season's Men Tell All special but declined to attend, refuting recent rumors that he actually wasn't asked to participate.

"I was very disappointed Bentley didn't show up for the taping. As I mentioned we extended an invitation to him but he opted not to come. I would very much like to sit down and interview him. I have a standing invitation out to him that I will interview him anywhere and anytime he wants," the host wrote on his Entertainment Weekly blog.

While Harrison is still seeking to get some answers from Williams -- the two-faced bachelor who feigned affection for Ashley Hebert when they were together but repeatedly bashed her in private before eventually deciding to leave the show and break her heart -- he admitted the interview wouldn't serve as a chance for him to attack the divorced 28-year-old Salt Lake City businessman.

"As anybody that's ever been on this show will tell you, I will give him a very fair interview. I'm really not looking to bury the guy. What's done is done!" Harrison explained.

"I just want to find out his motivation and what he thinks about his actions now and how they've affected his life. Does he regret what he did and would he like to apologize to anybody?"

Williams' absence from the Men Tell All sparked many of the returning suitors to voice their strong opinions of the deceptive bachelor. Former The Bachelorette suitor Blake Julian -- who will also be appearing on the upcoming second season of Bachelor Pad -- told Hebert he couldn't apologize enough on Williams' behalf and labeled him a "narcissist, a liar and a coward."

"I found it very interesting to see the guys' reactions to Bentley, as they didn't really see or hear anything just like Ashley while he was actually on the show. They found out like everybody else while they watched it unfold week after week on TV," Harrison added.