The victims of false directions that sent them driving off in the wrong direction at a crucial time, Kellie Patterson and Jamie Hill were the last team to reach The Amazing Race 10's second Pit Stop, causing the cheerleaders to become the third team to be eliminated from the latest edition of the CBS reality show.

The Amazing Race 10's second episode began with the ten remaining teams departing Juyongguan, a Great Wall of China gateway that served as the Race's first Pit Stop, and receiving a clue instructing them to travel 963 miles to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city. Although the later five teams were forced to depart the Pit Stop area on a charter bus that left two hours after an earlier charter bus that carried the first five teams, the gap didn't last long. After arriving at the Erlain train station in Erenhot, the frontrunning teams discovered that the next train to Ulaanbaatar didn't leave until 4PM -- a schedule that gave the five other teams plenty of time to arrive and book tickets on the same train.

Once they got to Ulaanbaatar, the teams had to take taxis to the Choijin Lama Temple, where after observing a traditional ceremony, they would receive their next clue. Most of the teams seemed to find the temple easily enough, but former drug addicts and models Tyler Denk and James Branaman -- who had finished the Race's first leg in first place -- fell into eighth place (ahead of only single moms Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris and brothers Erwin and Godwin Cho) when their taxi driver initially took them to the wrong temple.

After watching the traditional Mongolian dance that the temple performed every ten minutes, the teams were told to select one of the ten old Russian military jeeps parked nearby and drive to Terelj, a village located 43 miles away. Once they reached the village's riverbank, the teams would have to get on horses and, while following a Mongolian nomad that would serve as their guide, ride two and a half miles to a meadow containing their next clue.

Despite being the first three teams to watch the ceremony leave the temple, Kellie and Hill, gay partners Tom Rock and Terry Cosentino, and dating couple Rob Diaz and Kimberly Chabolla all got lost on the way to the village, opening the door for "friends" Peter Harsch and Sarah Reinertsen and beauty queens Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier -- both part of the four-team group that caught the temple's second performance of the ceremony -- to become the first two teams to reach the riverbank.

In addition to getting lost, several of the teams also encountered mechanical difficulties during their trip to Terelj. Coal mining couple David and Mary Conley (part of the second group of racers to leave the temple) had to call for a replacement vehicle after David -- following the directions of a local that had agreed to make the 43 mile journey with them -- got their jeep stuck in a muddy field. Tyler and James suffered a flat tire, and despite having a spare tire, ended up needing to borrow the jack of another motorist after discovering that their own jack was broken. Meanwhile Kellie and Jamie, after already having gotten lost, fell into dead last place when their jeep stalled out while climbing a hill.

After donning their Mongolian helmets and completing the horseback ride to the open meadow, the teams were presented with the Race's second Detour -- "Take It Down" or "Fill It Up." Teams that chose "Take It Down" had to take down the canvas walls and roof of a nearby traditional nomadic shelter, fold the walls and roof properly, and then pack the materials onto a camel. After confirming that they had packed everything correctly, a supervising nomad would give the "Take It Down" teams their next clue.

"Fill It Up" required the teams to select a cart pulled by an indigenous animal known as a hynik, lead the ox-like animal to a river located 500 yards away, fill four metal jugs with water, transport the water back to the nomad camp, and empty the water into a barrel. Once the barrel was filled to a designated line, a supervising nomad would give the "Fill It Up" teams their next clue.

Most of the teams selected "Fill It Up," and although a bumpy return trip resulted in many of the teams having to make two trips in order to fill their barrel, completed the Detour without issue. Despite being the first team to arrive at the Detour, Peter and Sarah fell into third place when, after initially struggling to complete "Take It Down," they attempted to switch to "Fill It Up" and then, after encountering an uncontrollable hynik, once again switched back to "Take It Down." Meanwhile, despite completing "Fill It Up" without issue and becoming the first team to complete the Detour, Dustin and Kandice fell all the way into eighth place while trying to find Kandice's helmet, which she had misplaced while completing the Detour and needed to wear during the horse ride back to her team's jeep.

After completing the Detour and riding their horses back to their jeeps, the teams had to drive 47 miles to the Hotel Mongolia. Despite being the last team to complete the Detour , Kellie and Jamie -- one of the few other teams to select "Take It Down" -- managed to pull ahead of Lyn and Karlyn when both teams appeared to have trouble with dead jeep batteries and the cheerleaders were the first team to find a local that showed them how to use the jeep's hand crank. Meanwhile, despite leaving the Detour in fourth place, Erwin and Godwin fell into eighth place when their own jeep broke down.

Once the teams arrived at the Hotel Mongolia, they had to complete the leg's Roadblock -- using a traditional bow and arrow to shoot a flaming arrow and ignite a target located 160 feet away. After igniting their target, the teams could run to a nearby pavilion that would serve as the Pit Stop for the second leg of the Race.

After passing the father/daughter team of Duke and Lauren Marcoccio during the drive to the Hotel Mongolia and becoming the first two teams to reach the hotel, Peter and Sarah and Tyler and James (powered by easy shooting from Peter and Tyler) quickly became the first two teams to check-in at the Pit Stop. As the first team to arrive, Peter and Sarah won a Mexican vacation.

Meanwhile, as Lauren and Tom faced off in a shootout for third place, Kellie and Jamie stopped for directions and were incorrectly told that they had been heading the wrong way, allowing Lyn and Karlyn (who literally passed the cheerleaders on the road as they headed back in the opposite direction) to move comfortably into ninth place.
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While Kellie and Jamie eventually discovered their mistake and headed back in the right direction, it was too late -- by the time they reached the hotel, there was little reason to believe that Lyn and Karlyn hadn't already successfully the Roadblock and checked in at the Pit Stop. After watching the sun set as Kellie failed to hit her target with arrow after arrow, the cheerleaders decided to quit the challenge.

Upon reaching the Pit Stop mat, The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan gave the girls the bad news. "Kellie and Jamie, you're the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the Race."