NBC has announced that comedian (and "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii" winner) Kathy Griffin will host NBC’s new reality television relationship drama “Average Joe" (not to be confused with FOX's "Joe Millionaire." The series will premiere this summer.

In the series, a "stunning beauty queen" and former NFL cheerleader will move into a multi-million dollar estate in Palm Springs with the expectation that 16 potential Prince Charmings are arriving to win her heart. But when the men arrive, the beauty will discover that the handsome princes are actually Average Joes—guys with great hearts, but admittedly average looks, some even describing themselves as nerds and geeks.

Each week, the woman will learn more about her suitors during group and individual dates, as she determines which one might be her soul mate. Along the way she will face tough decisions as she must eliminate some terrific guys in order to focus her attention on those with whom she has the greatest chemistry. As host and confidant, Kathy Griffin will offer her take on the behavior and personalities of the men and is on hand to introduce the many twists and turns that the program will take.

Average Joe” is a production of NBC Studios. Stuart Krasnow (“America’s Most Talented Kid,” “Dog Eat Dog”) is executive producer, Andrew Glassman is co-executive producer, Jason Raff is supervising producer.

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