CBS revealed the identities and profile information of the thirteen houseguests who will be competing in its upcoming Big Brother 5 reality show.

As in previous seasons. the show will follow a group of people living together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day.

One by one, the houseguests will vote each other out of the house. At the end of three months, the last remaining houseguest will receive the grand prize of $500,000.

Big Brother 5 will debut with a special 90-minute broadcast on Tuesday, July 6 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on CBS. Following the premiere, Big Brother 5 will be broadcast each week on Tuesdays (9-10 PM, ET/PT), Thursdays (8-9 PM, live ET/delayed PT) and Saturdays (9-10 PM, ET/PT). The Thursday broadcast will feature the live eviction of one of the houseguests.

The thirteen houseguests who will compete in Big Brother 5 are:

• Drew Daniel, a 22-year-old single recent college graduate from Urbana, Ohio

• Jennifer Dedmon, a 21-year-old single restaurant hostess from San Antonio, Texas

• Michael Ellis, a 23-year-old engaged dad and security officer from Durant, Oklahoma

• Diane Henry, a 22-year-old single cocktail waitress from Burlington, Kentucky

• Holly King, a "20-something" single model from Los Angeles, California (yes, CBS did not release an age for Holly, just that she was in her "20's")

• Adria Okins, a 30-year-old married web designer from Birmingham, Alabama.

• Karen O'Neil Ganci, a 30-year-old married portrait artist from Saddle Brook, New Jersey

• Marvin Latimer, a 36-year-old single mortician from Conway, South Carolina

• Scott Long, a 26-year-old single sales representative from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

• Mike Lubinski, a 41-year-old single dad and commercial painter from Eastpointe, Michigan

• Lori Valenti, a 26-year-old single yoga instructor from Boston, Massachusetts

• Will Wikle, a 26-year-old single registered nurse from Tupelo, Mississippi

• Jase Wirey, a 28-year-old single volunteer firefighter from Decatur, Illinois. (Jase is apparently unemployed, as to the best of our knowledge, "volunteer firefighters" are just that -- volunteers)

Big Brother 5 is produced by Arnold Shapiro & Allison Grodner Productions, in association with Endemol U.S.A.