CBS today confirmed what many fans had already known for weeks -- that Survivor producers have opted for the quaint jungles of the Marquesas Islands (pronounced "mar-kay-sis") in French Polynesia. Specifically, a little chunk of South Pacific real estate known as Nuku Hiva (pronounced "nu-ku heeva").

The island was apparently the second choice of Mark Burnett, who was originally considering Jordan's famed Crescent Valley as the next site. But, following the September 11 terror attacks and the U.S.-led military strikes on Afghanistan (news - web sites), any plans for the Middle East were scrapped. Nuku Hiva is the largest and one of the most isolated islands in the volcanic Marquesas Archipelago (population 8,064). The spot is definitely camera-friendly, featuring breathtaking vistas of the Pacific, rugged mountainscapes and lush tropical terrain with plenty of breadfruits, pandanus, green bananas and coconut trees.

Unlike cast members in the original Survivor on the South China Sea island of Pulau Tiga who had to depend on Richard Hatch's spear-fishing skills to keep them satiated, the new crew will have the opportunity to pull a Michael Skupin and hunt down some local fauna--including an assortment of wild cattle, pigs and hogs. (Consider yourselves warned, PETA.)

But it won't exactly be a tropical getaway. Those chosen to outwit, outlast and outplay on Survivor 4 will still have to endure Nuku Hiva's fierce whipping winds and a treacherous sea, along with the usual creepy-crawlies, friendly backstabbing and, perhaps worst of all, host Jeff Probst's smugness.

Survivor 4 will begin airing after the 2002 Winter Olympics finish airing on CBS in February 2002.

Source: Yahoo/E! Online