The Associated Press reports that under pressure from rural advocacy groups, CBS is dampening expectations for ``The Real Beverly Hillbillies,'' a reality series in the works that borrows its premise from the hit 1960s sitcom. An advocacy group, the Center for Rural Strategies, has been placing advertisements in newspapers condemning CBS' plans and complaining that the show will perpetuate a stereotype of them as hicks.

Responding to the criticism during a press tour, CBS President Leslie Moonves said there is still no schedule for when, or if, the series will get on the air. "It's a show that's still very, very much in the discussion stages,'' he said. ``We have not even located a family.'' "When you're dealing with reality _ and it's happened with the bulk of reality (shows) _ ideas come from all over the place,'' Moonves said. "And sometimes you're pushing the envelope, and sometimes ... it may appear you're pushing it too far.'' The show's purpose, he said, "was to question social mores.'' "It wasn't our intent to offend everybody,'' he said. "I'm sorry if we have.''

Casting for the series has been being conducted in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.