Cat Deeley's new Lifetime show, This Time Next Year, is set to premiere early next year!

Lifetime has announced This Time Next Year, a new reality show that will follow the emotional journeys of ordinary people embarking on challenging missions to change their lives over the course of 365 days, will premiere Tuesday, January 16 at 10PM ET/PT.

Cat will serve as host of the series that will feature participants undergoing reconstructive surgeries, experiencing heartwarming reunions, and trying to conquer infertility or lose a substantial amount of weight.

A one-year transformation will be revealed in a single episode, as participants enter one door and instantly emerge from another in a "time-travel" type of format, revealing a brand new version of themselves.

Before she sends them off on their journeys, Cat will be shown meeting with each participant as he or she makes his or her personal pledge to change in front of a live audience.

Only after a participant's big reveal will viewers learn how -- and if -- the person achieved the desired goal.

The participant will then take a look back on the entire experience and relive his or her challenges and successes.

Lifetime announced in March it had ordered This Time Next Year.

"No hurdle is too big for the brave individuals who have chosen to take control of their lives on This Time Next Year," the network had said in a statement at the time.

Cat has also served as the longtime host of So You Think You Can Dance on Fox.

This Time Next Year is being produced by Twofour America, with Melanie Leach, Andrew Mackenzie, Bernie Schaeffer, Laurie Girion, and David Hillman serving as executive producers.