The Hollywood Reporter reports that NBC-owned Bravo will air American television's first primetime gay-themed reality dating series this summer.

Similar in format to ABC's "The Bachelor," "Boy Meets Boy" features an eligible man looking for love in a pool of 15 potential mates. But in a rather pathetic twist that is sure to have gay rights groups rightfully protesting, some of the suitors are actually heterosexual men who were paid by the program to pretend to be gay -- unbeknownst to the eligible bachelor.

The six-episode "Boy" will premiere on Bravo in July at a date and time to be determined. In each episode, the bachelor will interact with the other men on group and one-on-one dates and gradually eliminate those he isn't interested in until one winner remains. While the actual sexual orientation of at least one contestant will be disclosed at the outset to viewers -- but not the bachelor -- the identity of some of the others will not be revealed until the bachelor himself finds out. The exact number of heterosexual suitors was not divulged by Bravo, nor was the sum the network paid.

"I think this will be truly groundbreaking television," said series executive producer and co-creator Douglas Ross (the same producer who brought America the pitiful and completely forgetable first season of CBS' "Big Brother.") "One of the reasons we decided to take the basic dating format and throw in this twist is that we wanted the show to appeal to a broader audience."

Any sexual intimacy beyond kissing was strictly prohibited on "Boy," which was shot from May 9-17th in a pair of homes in Palm Springs, CA.

The unsuspecting victim -- woops, we mean bachelor -- was identified only as a 32-year-old from southern California who works in the human resources division of a law firm. "Boy" is hosted by Dani Behr ("Extra").

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