Singer Bobby Brown jokes about his encounters with the law in "Being Bobby Brown," a Bravo reality TV program that Brown says shows he is more good than bad.

Brown, 35, said he was in jail two years ago when his children convinced him he should have his own reality show, which debuts next Thursday.

After his release, he met with two Atlanta producers who were intrigued by constant media attention Brown and famous wife Whitney Houston received.

Cameras followed him 24 hours a day for six months.

"I'm not ashamed of any of it," Brown told the New York Times. "I'm not going to run and I'm not going to hide. They're going to talk about me anyway - thank God. I just want to control it."

While the program has bizarre moments, the newspaper reported, it also shows Brown as a doting father and husband.

Brown said Houston's "eyes are shining again" since drug rehabilitation and he now takes medication for his bipolar disorder.