Blake Lewis has reportedly found a record label that should feel a little more like home for the beat-boxer.

The American Idol sixth-season runner-up has inked a new record deal with dance/hip hop/electronic label Tommy Boy Entertainment, Billboard reported Wednesday. 

Lewis had previously stated in December that he had a record deal "in the works."

"I'm doing an electro-pop slash real-hip hop-influenced album," he told Billboard. "It's a great record already and we're only five songs into it. We're hoping to have it out for April, so I'm working my butt off."

Lewis added the new album will feature a "ton of guests," including vocalists from his native Seattle.  In addition, Lewis said he has his sights set on snagging Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard with a little help from Rilo Kiley vocalist Jenny Lewis.

"My manager Leslie Lewis is Jenny Lewis' sister, so it's all a community thing," he told Billboard.

In June, Lewis was dropped by Arista Records -- the Song BMG-owned RCA Music Group record label that released his "Audio Day Dream" debut album in late 2007.

Despite the lack of a record label, Lewis still spent two weeks last October touring the east coast with his band and also on a side project with drummer Kevin Sawka.

Now that his musical career is back on track, Lewis added that he's had a chance to watch Idol for the first time since he lost to Jordin Sparks in 2007.

"It's comedy to me," he told Billboard. "Because with the audition episodes, I was there for 12 hours, and to see how they cut it into two cities in a one-hour show, I just laugh about it."

In addition, Lewis is currently offering his Idol commentary as a special correspondent for his local Fox station.