Kai Hibbard lost a total of 118 pounds -- an all-time female The Biggest Loser contestant record -- as the runner-up on the reality weight-loss competition's third season.  But she said she couldn't have done it without the help of fellow contestants Heather Hansen and Pam Smith.

"There were points where they carried me," said Hibbard in the April 17 issue of Woman's World magazine.

Now she's repaying the favor, as Hansen and Smith will be bridesmaids at Hibbard's October 6 wedding to fiancee Jake Zwierstra.  Hibbard said her new trimmer figure will be on display at the wedding, as she's been able to keep off the weight since competing on NBC's The Biggest Loser 3 last year.

"I love my real-world workouts," she told Woman's World.  "On Biggest Loser, many days we had to sit in a van waiting to film challenges.  Other days, we'd hit the gym, pool and hiking trails for up to six hours." 

As the show's third season runner-up, the 28-year-old from Eagle River, Alaska received $50,000. She started the competition at 262 pounds and while at the ranch lost 77 pounds. She then lost another 41 pounds after returning home, giving her a total weight loss of 118 pounds and a finale weigh-in weight of 144 pounds.

"I started the show as a size-26 aerobics instructor, so I knew it wasn't all about exercise," the now size-8 Hibbard told Woman's World.  "Diet was 80% of my success.  I didn't always eat what my trainer recommended, but I think my results speak for themselves!"

Refusing to skip whole-grain carbs or healthy fat, Hibbard instead enjoys a mix of wholesome foods every three hours.  She also encouraged others to combine their diet with exercise, which will speed-up the metabolism.

"You don't have to run a marathon.  My sister lost 45 pounds just by walking," she told Woman's World.

Having Smith and Hansen there during filming for The Biggest Loser 3 helped Hibbard, so she's still utilizing a support system for her workouts.

"I run 45 minutes each morning and do strength-training at night with pals," she told Woman's World.