Big Brother houseguest Mark Jansen won the Power of Veto competition and took himself off the chopping block, forcing Head of Household Josh Martinez to name a replacement nominee during Wednesday night's Season 19 broadcast on CBS.

Mark was nominated for eviction this week along with his showmance partner Elena Davies and one of the house's main targets, Jessica Graf, because she had finished the "Temptation Competition" in last place.

Once Mark won the veto, he removed himself from the chopping block, and then Josh named Raven Walton the replacement nominee. Josh's target going into the live eviction is Elena although the majority of the Big Brother house is gunning for Jessica.

Wednesday night's episode began on Day 45, with Josh ranting in the Diary Room about how Elena was playing the middle well and doing it well, which is why she's "shady" and "disloyal" and must go home.

Elena didn't feel safe even with Jessica on the block next to her, and Jessica felt she absolutely had to win the Power of Veto in order to survive this week since Public Enemy No. 1, Cody Nickson, had previously won immunity from eviction. If Jessica did win the veto, there would be no replacement nominee since the HoH didn't technically nominate her for eviction.

Jessica intended to give the PoV competition everything she had. After all, she threw the Temptation Competition in order to ensure she could play for the veto and not be backdoored.

Josh didn't have a problem with Jessica; he had an issue with Cody. Josh tried to hint to Jessica that she wasn't his target this week, but she had no desire to talk to him after Josh said that Cody had ruined her game.

Meanwhile, Christmas Abbott still had her "Ring of Replacement" temptation to play if necessary.

Christmas had the power to replace one selected person in a Power of Veto competition as long as that person is not an actual nominee. Paul Abrahamian suggested she should use it this week to replace Cody in the veto competition if he got selected to play because everyone knew he'd save Jessica from the chopping block.

Christmas told Josh she'd support whatever he decided, but Josh still didn't respect how Elena was playing the game and he still wanted her gone before Jessica.

Josh therefore told Christmas not to use her temptation so they can take advantage of it later in the game. Josh knew Jessica and Cody were clear targets for the whole house, and therefore shields for himself, so he thought it would be smart to take out Elena first.

Paul reminded Josh, however, that Cody and Jessica are a power couple who could easily dominate the game if left in the house. Paul said Jessica and Cody could "steamroll" everybody and Jessica was definitely a stronger competitor than Elena.

Paul also told Josh that if Jessica and Cody made it to the jury together, they probably wouldn't vote for him, whereas someone like Elena might still vote for Josh to win the game. This made Josh question whether he was making moves that were best for his game at this point.

It then became time to choose players for the Power of Veto competition. In addition to HoH Josh and the three nominees -- Mark, Elena and Jessica -- Cody and Alex Ow were also selected to play. Cody told the cameras that he would "break bones" to win this competition for Jessica.

But upon Josh's orders, Christmas played her "Ring of Replacement" and decided to replace Cody in the competition. Cody was so frustrated and crushed that he couldn't help Jessica, so he later cried in her arms. Although Jessica was visibly upset as well, she reminded Cody that the game wasn't over yet and she could win the veto.

Christmas then told Jessica that her decision to play the temptation wasn't personal, but Jessica took it personally because she thought they had worked out their issues and became friendly. Jessica said Christmas would basically be responsible for her eviction, and so she had absolutely nothing to say to her.

Christmas considered her decision a move against Cody -- revenge for his decision to blindside and put her on the chopping block towards the beginning of the game -- but that didn't make Jessica feel better.

The Power of Veto competition featured Otev, "the possessed piglet" sitting at the top of a hill and giving commands to the houseguests that turned out to be trivia questions about Big Brother's nineteenth season. Every answer was a number, and the participants were sent into a pool of slime to search for a panel that featured the correct number.

The last person to bring back his or her panel back to Otev after a round would be eliminated until only one person was left standing.

Christmas was not medically cleared to compete in this competition, so she had to sit out.

Elena was the first person out of this challenge, followed by a devastated Jessica and then Josh and then Alex. Mark therefore won the veto.

Josh was pissed because he wanted to keep nominations the same in order to give himself options and now he needed to come up with a replacement nominee.

Meanwhile, Jessica was crying in the Diary Room about how the idea of leaving Cody alone in the house made her depressed. She looked forward to pursuing a relationship with him outside of the house and told Cody to take out Paul.

The game had become very personal to Cody, so he wanted more than anything to please Jessica and maybe even win for her.

Matt Clines and Raven then told Josh that if Mark took himself off the block -- which is the move everyone was anticipating -- then either of them would go up in his place as a pawn. Matt felt certain Jessica was going home, so he thought it would be a good time to take one for the team, since very little risk was involved.

At the Veto Meeting, Mark did use the veto on himself, so Josh then named Raven the replacement nominee. Jessica, however, didn't feel defeated, and she intended to flip the house upside-down and cause some drama on her way out.

Cody didn't want anyone to win the $500,000 because he didn't appreciated how they treated Jessica and himself. Elena planned to lay low for the rest of the week in order to not piss anyone off.

As for Josh, his plan was still to take out Elena because he believed it would be best for his game. Josh just needed to find a way to get his allies onboard with the same goal this week.