Big Brother evicted Kathryn Dunn from the Big Brother house and the next Head of Household competition commenced during Thursday night's live Season 21 episode on CBS.

Kat, a 29-year-old digital marketing executive from Irving, TX, who currently resides in Dallas, TX, was evicted from the Big Brother house through a 6-1 vote instead of Cliff Hogg, a 53-year-old petroleum engineer from Houston, TX.


Nick Maccarone, Analyse Talavera, Nicole Anthony, Holly Allen, Jackson Michie and Christie Murphy all voted to evict Kat, while Jessica was the only person who voted to oust Cliff from the game.

"I don't know how I looked on TV, but the one thing I know is I am loyal to a fault," Kat told Big Brother host Julie Chen in her live-eviction interview.

"I had nothing to lose [by pressing Cliff]... [but] I'd be evicting Michie as soon as I got the chance... I would have chosen Jessica and Nicole [over Michie and Holly]... Michie really did mess up my game from Day 1... He was trying to use me as a little pawn and dispose of me when he could, so I flipped the script."

Kat added she wanted Holly to be in her Final 2 more than anything but she didn't like the fact Holly so unapologetically stood behind Michie and had his back.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 55, with Kat and Cliff still on the chopping block. Tommy said Kat was his target but he wasn't going to overlook Cliff since Cliff was so adored by his fellow houseguests.

Nicole Anthony admitted Tommy taking Christie off the block was "worst case scenario" because she'd have to choose to evict one of her two closest friends in the house.

Kat was very paranoid before the live eviction, but Jackson promised her that she'd be fine because she had his vote as well as Holly and Jessica's votes.

Christie, Tommy and Nick then discussed taking Cliff to the end because he was a loyal, trustworthy player. Christie said Cliff was a man whom she could trust and so he could be their ally in helping "take down" Michie and Holly.


Nick then pitched to Cliff the idea of being an alliance of six with himself, Christie, Tommy, Analyse and Nicole. Cliff said he'd join their group "in a heartbeat," and Christie was thrilled.

Christie said from the beginning she didn't want to go to the end with couples, and since Michie and Holly were the only couple left, her dream was coming true.

Cliff felt guilty about betraying Jessica, but Cliff knew his best chance to stay and potentially win the game would be joining forces with the powerful six.

Nick shared with Nicole that she was going to be the swing vote and would determine who goes home next. Nick told Nicole that he'd want to work with Kat going forward but he couldn't trust her with Holly and Michie still in the house.

Nicole was worried about making a million dollar mistake, and she knew that if she teamed up with Nick's six, she'd be at the bottom of the totem pole. Nick, however, promised to have her back.

Meanwhile, Holly and Michie were trying to keep a low profile and stay calm.

Holly wanted Kat to stay in the game because they had a Final 2 deal and could genuinely trust each other, but Holly said she couldn't campaign on Kat's behalf or else the house would accuse them of being a dangerous trio.

Kat was working hard to stay and promised Nicole that they were in a Final 3 together with Jessica. Nicole started crying about having to choose between Kat and Cliff, and she was struggling to separate personal vs. game.


Nicole said both Kat and Cliff had accepted her for who she is and made her feel loved and appreciated.

Nick then warned Jessica there was a final six deal being made in the house and it didn't include her. Nicole explained the alliance's goal was to take out Kat, Michie, Holly and Jessica.

Jessica cried and felt "pissed off" that she was being left out of major plans in the house.

Jessica didn't know why her fellow houseguests didn't include her in strategizing, and so she didn't know what to do other than blow up everybody's game.

Nicole said they had an opportunity to keep Kat along with Michie and Holly, but she didn't know what to do. Jessica then spilled the beans to Kat, and Kat couldn't believe Cliff had betrayed them by joining an alliance of six.

Kat said she had really trusted Cliff given she was one of his "angels," but now that she knew about his scheming, she'd have no problem blowing up his game.

Kat later confronted Cliff and told him that she was disappointed in him. Cliff apologized but said he had nothing else to do since he was on the chopping block.

As Kat cried about being disappointed in him, Cliff said he had to separate his emotions from the game and he was playing to win Big Brother for his family. He hated seeing Kat cry, but he said he did what he had to do to survive.

Afterward, Jessica shared the news of the new six-alliance with Holly, who also explained what was happening to Michie. The pair thought it was necessary to convince Nicole to keep Kat around or else they'd be picked off one by one.

It then became time for the live eviction, and during Kat's speech, she pushed the idea Cliff was a threat by saying he had his back pinned against the wall multiple times during the game but had managed to fight his way back in, like when he returned from banishment.

Kat also pointed out he maintained a strong social game and it was so strong that he was somehow able to convince the house she's the bigger threat.

And when Cliff spoke his piece and expressed his desire to play. Cliff also admitted it was sad he'd no longer be able to play with Kat going forward since one of them was going to be evicted.


Kat only hugged Jessica on her way out of the house.

The episode concluded with the famous slip and slide competition. Dubbed "Aug-Toberfest," the competition required the houseguests to shuffle mugs of "beer" from one side of their lane to the other in attempt to fill a giant stein.

The first person to fill his or her stein and remove a ping-pong ball would win the competition and become the new Head of Household.

[Big Brother Spoiler: Highlight the area below to find out which houseguest won the HoH competition].

Both Michie and Holly came close to winning, and in the end, Michie became the new Head of Household.

Big Brother's next episode will air Sunday, August 18 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

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