Big Brother's new Head of Household, Josh Martinez, nominated Elena Davies and Mark Jansen for eviction, with Jessica Graf on the chopping block as a special third nominee, during Sunday night's Season 19 broadcast on CBS.

Josh nominated Elena and Mark for eviction this week, with Elena being his secret target despite the fact Jessica and her boyfriend Cody Nickson have been the biggest and most obvious targets in the house.

Meanwhile, Jessica is also on the block because she finished the Temptation Competition in last place; however, she made it known that she had thrown the competition in order to guarantee she'll play in the upcoming Power of Veto competition. 

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 44 with Josh gushing about how it was the best thing ever to be HoH and able to send Cody or Jessica packing. Mark and Josh had dropped their beef a few days earlier, so Mark hoped he'd stay of Josh's radar this week. Once again, it was Jessica and Cody against the house.

But in reality, it was Jessica, Cody, Elena and Mark against the house, and Josh wanted to evict all four of them. Paul Abrahamian was gunning hard to get Jessica out, especially since Elena and Mark were just floaters in the game, but Christmas Abbott advised Josh to think things through rather than just follow Paul's orders and listen to everything he says.

With the Temptation Competition right around the corner, Paul told the cameras he wanted a lot of people to play to better their chances of beating Jessica and Cody. Little did they know they just had to beat Cody because Jessica planned to throw the competition as a way to ensure she could play in the Power of Veto competition and wouldn't be backdoored this week by Josh.

But Josh changed his mind and put the target on Elena's back instead. He told Paul and Christmas that he didn't trust Elena at all, mainly because she didn't seem to think voting for Josh at a prior eviction was a big deal. Josh called Elena a "great liar" who is "very persuasive" and can "defend her case" to a jury.

Josh and Christmas also agreed that Elena was dangerously tight with Paul. As a result, Josh was prepared to stand his ground and go against Paul's plan to take out Jessica, all the while leaving Paul out of the conversations.

It then became time for the Temptation Competition dubbed "Strangest Things." The winner of this competition receives immunity from eviction, while the last-place finisher becomes an automatic third nomination. The houseguests are able to choose whether they want to play, as a potential great reward comes at the risk of a potential huge consequence.

The participating houseguests were required to walk through a haunted house and search for clues on windows. Each clue featured a circled letter, and once those letters were put together an unscrambled, a word would be revealed. The players must then find the item in the house that matched the word. The person to find a jar with a heart inside in the fastest time would win the competition.

The houseguests who opted to play were Jason Dent, Elena, Mark, Raven Walton, Matt Clines, Jessica, Kevin Schlehuber, Cody, Alex Ow, and Paul.

In the end, Cody won the competition with a time of three minutes flat. Alex finished in second place with three minutes and six seconds. In last place was Jessica, with a time of 15 minutes. It quickly became clear to the houseguests that Jessica threw the competition, because no one else took more than 12 minutes and 31 seconds to complete the challenge.

Cody and Jessica were thrilled that, so far, their plan was being executed perfectly.

Paul then told Josh to tell Mark and Elena they're going to be pawns this week on the chopping block, but Josh was still hell-bent on going after Elena. Josh, putting on an act, told Elena she was going to be a pawn because he needed strong competitors against Jessica in the next PoV competition, but Elena didn't believe him since she's not particularly good at challenges.

Elena told Josh that both Paul and Alex were better at competitions than her, and Josh took that opportunity to tell Paul that Elena had thrown him under the bus. However, Elena argued until she was blue in the fact that she never betrayed Paul or Alex.

Elena was so convincing that Josh realized his goal needed to be accomplished. He called her "a manipulative" liar but tried to convince her that Jessica is the target in order to keep her calm.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Josh nominated Mark because he's "a meatball," and Elena, saying that the house knows his objective for the week. Josh made Jessica believe that she was the one in trouble, and he was clearly looking forward to blindsiding people in the house.