Big Brother houseguest Jessica Graf used her "Halting Hex" temptation to take Cody Nickson and herself off the chopping block, and then Josh Martinez was crowned the new Head of Household during the latest CBS broadcast. 

Although Jessica and Cody were on the chopping block during Thursday night's live eviction episode, Jessica utilized her "Halting Hex" advantage, which was a temptation previously offered to her by America. The advantage, if accepted, would put a halt to one of the next four evictions if she or a close ally found themselves in trouble.

Jessica's decision resulted in no eviction, so the week was a wash for the outgoing Head of Household, Paul Abrahamian.

Jessica or Cody desperately needed to come into power following their eviction announcement, but then Josh -- the couple's greatest enemy in the house, besides Paul -- won the HoH competition.

Last night's broadcast kicked off on Day 40 with Jessica confronting Cody about what Paul had told her. Paul had said that Cody told Matt Clines earlier in the game he wanted to keep Jason Dent and Alex Ow around so they could take out Jessica and Raven Walton when the time came.

Cody denied ever saying that -- although footage aired proving otherwise -- and Jessica and Cody were both frustrated with each other. Since their relationship was on the rocks, Jessica truly considered saving the Hex for a different week and allowing the house to send Cody packing to benefit her own social game.

Meanwhile, Paul told everyone in the house they needed to agree to Jessica's demands, at least to her face, so that she would opt out of using the "Halting Hex." Paul explained that she wants to be safe, and remain off the chopping block, for the next two evictions. Jessica also demanded Alex be the next HoH's target.

Paul had no intention of evicting Alex, but he thought it was important to convince Jessica the whole house was onboard. Even Cody's only friend in the house, Mark Jansen, was okay with eliminating Cody if it meant he could get close to Elena Davies again.

Paul then guaranteed Jessica he would honor their agreement. At this time, Jessica wasn't even sure Cody wanted to continue dating her because of their frequent disputes.

It then became time for the Veto Meeting. Jason used his speech as an opportunity to take shots at Cody, saying he was unlikable and disingenuous. When Jessica stood up and made her speech, she just said, "World Peace." Cody refused to make a speech at all, and Paul said he wasn't surprised.

Because Jessica and Cody were laughing at Paul and disrespecting the game of Big Brother, the HoH decided to use the veto on Jason.

After the meeting, Jessica walked into a room and thought everyone was talking about her, but Raven swore that wasn't the case. Tension between the girls later escalated into a massive fight in which they cursed at each other and Raven flipped Jessica her middle fingers.

Jessica determined her deal with Paul was "dead" because Jason took jabs at Cody and Raven appeared to be plotting with Kevin Schlehuber and Jason, whom she never really hung out. Jessica also didn't want to follow suit with whatever Paul dictated.

Jessica therefore told Paul that she was going to use the temptation since Cody was the only person she trusted. Jessica told the cameras that Paul couldn't control her.

Paul later told his allies that Cody was "a coward and a bully" who couldn't speak for himself. Josh and the house then ganged up on Jessica and Cody, trying to annoy the heck out of them. Mark didn't like the situation at all, venting about how the couple was being bullied.

Jessica wasn't sure she could stand much more in the house, as she was miserable and said she was "going crazy," but Cody asked her to hold it together. 

After the live eviction in which Jessica chose to use her temptation -- and the other players learned it was a one-time advantage -- the houseguests competing in the next HoH competition dubbed "Gravestone Golf."

Each player was required to putt an eyeball with a zombie leg into a slot at the other end. The slots were numbered 1-35, and the houseguest to land his or her ball in the highest-numbered slot would win the competition.

Christmas Abbott and Cody came close to winning with 21 points each, but Josh took the cake with a score of 23.

It's obvious at this point Josh will probably target Jessica and Cody again, but Big Brother host Julie Chen reminded fans the "Temptation Competition" twist is still in play, meaning the two players can compete to win immunity.