Big Brother live feeds spoilers have revealed which houseguest won the Power of Veto competition, and which houseguests are this week's final eviction nominees as a result.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading immediately if you want to wait until Big Brother's August 30 broadcast on CBS to discover who won the Power of Veto competition and what happened afterwards].

According to Big Brother's live feeds, this week's Head of Household, Jason Dent, and the two eviction nominees, Matt Clines and Raven Walton, played in the Power of Veto competition along with selected players Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian and Kevin Schlehuber.

Jason had nominated Matt and Raven for eviction with the intent of taking one of them out this week; however, he told the couple his plan is to pull one of them off the chopping block and backdoor Kevin on eviction night.

Since Kevin was picked to play in the PoV competition, Raven and Matt desperately hoped he wouldn't win.

Big Brother's PoV competition was a classic in which each player had to hide a veto medallion somewhere in the house. The goal was to find the hidden veto medallions, and the player whose veto was found last would win the competition.

In previous seasons, houseguests absolutely tore up the house to find these medallions and the mess typically led to fights. This season was apparently no different.

Matt's veto was easily found because he was hoping Raven would win the competition in order to save her.

Raven hid her veto in the couch cushions, while Paul hid his inside a shirt which was located inside his jacket. Josh struggled with the task, as he hid his veto in the freezer, which is where Paul joked he had looked first.

In the end, Jason won the Power of Veto, keeping the power in his own hands.

Jason then told Kevin how his plan was to target Matt or Raven but the pair thought he was going to be backdoored.

Paul, however, thought it would be a good idea to name Kevin the replacement nominee because it would keep the "Maven" showmance calm and Kevin was an unpredictable player. Paul wasn't sure exactly whom Kevin's loyalty belonged to in the game.

Jason's closest ally, Alex Ow, agreed with Paul, and Christmas Abbott also warned Jason that if he kept his nominations the same, he would almost certainly lose two jury votes in Matt and Raven.

Alex threatened to throw Jason under the bus if he decided to keep Matt and Raven on the block because she didn't want to take a fall for Jason's move. Alex wanted to remain on Matt and Raven's good graces as a way to not lose their jury votes as well.

Alex was ready to tell Matt and Raven that keeping them both on the chopping block was not the original plan she had agreed to.

At the Veto Meeting, Jason decided not to use the power of veto. Jason honored his word when it came to protecting Kevin, but Matt and Raven were absolutely furious at him.

Raven shouted at the rodeo clown that he was a liar because he had promised to keep her safe, which wasn't entirely true.

Matt also stirred the pot by saying Jason had been throwing Kevin under the bus all week until he made the decision to protect him.

In order to save Raven, Matt is currently trying to earn himself penalty eviction votes by breaking the Big Brother rules.

After the ceremony, Matt -- a "Have Not" this week -- received a penalty vote against him from production for eating normal food instead of slop. Since learning of the penalty vote, Matt has also attempted to rack up more votes by continuing to violate the requirements of his Have-Not status.