Big Brother houseguest Cody Nickson was very unpopular in the Big Brother house at the time of his July 13 eviction, but that didn't stop his showmance partner Jessica Graf from sticking by him -- and Cody is more than grateful. 

Looking back on his short-lived Big Brother 19 experience, Cody admitted to Us Weekly that Jessica became his everything and he probably couldn't have functioned in the house without her.

"We essentially spent two weeks together, 16 hours a day, side by side, talking to each other, holding each other. I'm codependent on this chick now, so like every moment I spend with her is awesome," Cody, a 32-year-old former U.S. Marine, told Us.

"I love it. I can't go get coffee, I can't use the bathroom, I can't brush my teeth without wanting Jess right there by my side. And I've never been like that."

Cody became Public Enemy No. 1 on Big Brother when he served as Head of Household earlier in the season and decided to turn on two of his alliance members -- Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott -- by attempting to nominate them for eviction.

To make matters worse, Cody followed through with these plans secretly, as he refused to share any information with his friends up until that point.

"I know a lot of people don't see it, but essentially for two weeks straight, we were shunned by everyone else and [Jessica] stood shoulder to shoulder with me," explained the construction sales representative.

Although Paul had immunity from elimination at the time of Cody's betrayal and the house voted to keep Christmas in the game, every person turned his or her back on Cody, except for Jessica. It didn't take long for the houseguests to band together to evict Cody last week instead of Ramses Soto and Alex Ow.

"The thing is, every single moment I spent in the house was with Jessica... It's humbling how loyal she's been to me throughout this game. Words can't even describe how I feel for her, for what she's done for me in this game, how she's been next to me, so loyal," Cody said.

When Cody got evicted from the Big Brother house, he sweetly asked Jessica to be his girlfriend, and in reply, she kissed him and giggled.

Cody later told Julie Chen in his post-eviction interview that he had every intention of pursuing a real romantic relationship with Jessica outside of the game.

"I'm an independent person. I don't need no chick or anything like that, but seriously, I really cherish every moment I had with Jess," Cody told Us, adding that he "won't judge" Jessica for whom she chooses to align with going forward.

"Because, really, as much as we were a team, or inadvertently became a team, she's playing her own game. If I have any regrets in the game, it's that I messed up anything in her game, for that any risks that I've taken has affected her game at all. Whatever she deems best for her game, I'm down with it."

But Cody's time on Big Brother may not be over just yet, as he'll have the opportunity to battle his way back into the house by potentially defeating three other evictees in a competition this week.

Cody was arguably the biggest physical threat in the game, so his chances of winning are high. 

If Cody does return to Big Brother, he confessed to the magazine he may actually consider aligning with Paul, his former arch-nemesis, since they're both "alpha" males and could dominate the game together.