Ben Higgins is going to get some kissing advice from three former The Bachelor stars when Season 20 premieres January 4 on ABC.

In a preview clip released by Live with Kelly & Michael on Monday, Higgins sat down with Chris Soules, Sean Lowe and Jason Mesnick to discuss his crazy journey ahead. While Higgins appeared nervous and desperate for helpful answers, the guys just enjoyed themselves and gave Higgins a hard time.

"Kiss one of them in front of the rest of them," Lowe pointed out with a big smile on his face.

"Kiss them all!" Soules shouted with excitement.

Higgins blushed and seemed uncomfortable, asking the guys as they cracked up, "Did you?"

"I wouldn't do it any differently," Soules replied before speaking on a more serious note. "I did kiss a lot of girls, but you get one opportunity to meet your wife, and if you're not putting 110% into it..."

"How did you handle that then?" Higgins pressed, still appearing tense. "Because sometimes you are kissing somebody, and then you're walking to the next woman and you might kiss her as well..."

"It feels kind of weird," Lowe interjected.

"I was going to say, did you get used to that? Because for me right now, thinking and processing that, I can't comprehend how I could do that," Higgins explained.

During his actual interview with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, Higgins talked about kissing more than one woman in a little more detail.

"It was important for me that I compartmentalized each relationship, but I also didn't want to jump into this and just experience the physical part of a relationship, because it is a weird situation," Higgins said.

"And I think if you try to hold that part back and really get to know the women first, and then obviously the physical part comes in any relationship, that was important to me. Because, you know, kissing them all in front of each other just doesn't feel right for me either."
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Higgins also revealed on the talk show whether The Bachelorette's Season 11 star Kaitlyn Bristowe really broke his heart.

"It's tough. I think any time you're in a relationship and you get broken up with, it hurts," Higgins confessed. "And Kaitlyn is an amazing person; We're friends to this day. But just like in any relationship, it stings a little bit."

The Bachelor star then joked around about how he dated twins on the show this season together AND separately.

"They both came on to go through the journey. But they are amazing women and you look at them individually once they get there, but I think they came together and," Higgins blurted out as he sort of choked on his words. "Like I said, they're incredible."

Afterward, Strahan poked fun at ABC's job descriptions for Season 20's cast of bachelorettes -- including a cowgirl, mathematician and "chicken enthusiast."

So what exactly is a chicken enthusiast, you ask?

"Growing up, from what she has told me, chickens meant a lot to her," Higgins explained. "So just like people love their dogs, she was cared for by her chickens. They kind of got her through some rough moments."

"So she was raised by chickens?" Ripa quipped.

"No, she raised the chickens!" Ben said as he flashed a smile. "She just really loves chickens."

When asked which bachelorette he picked in the end, Higgins said, "I can't say anything. I wish I could tell you."