Former Survivor: Gabon castaway Ace Gordon may not be the most honest gameplayer -- or the most charming drinker -- but according to the owner of the bar he was arrested at on Sunday following a bar brawl, he doesn't hit women.

Initial police report released following Gordon's early morning arrest on Sunday charged the 28-year-old with disorderly intoxication, obstruction of an officer and resisting arrest without violence after he allegedly struck a woman at Sway, a Naples, FL bar, before being asked to leave and shoving an officer.

However, Assaf Basher, the bar's owner, told Fort Myers' The News-Press newspaper that the initial reports about the incident were incorrect and Gordon hadn't struck a woman.

"He had an incident with a girl and the guy she was with said something and then [Gordon] slapped him in the face," Basher said.

According to the police report, staff members of Sway had originally stated that Gordon had hit a woman.

Following the incident, Basher said that Gordon was asked to leave the club and refused, prompting him to be escorted outside by security where he handed over to deputies.

Basher added that as police spoke with Gordon, he allegedly pushed a deputy. He also reiterated that Gordon had repeatedly stated that he was famous as he was being handled by police.

"He told police, 'I'm from Survivor.' But they said, 'It doesn't matter if you're from Survivor or the president of the United States - you can't go around hitting people'," Basher told The News Press.

According to the News Press, Gordon had no prior arrests and was released later on Sunday.

Gordon was the seventh castaway eliminated from Survivor: Gabon, which was filmed in Africa this past summer. His elimination aired on the CBS reality show's October 30 broadcast.