Bachelorette spoilers have unveiled what happens on Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia's The Bachelorette season and how their journeys ended -- including Final 4 bachelors for each woman, Final 2 spoilers, and if The Bachelorette stars ended up engaged to their winner.


[The Bachelorette Spoilers Warning: This report contains spoilers revealing what happens on Gabby and Rachel's season of The Bachelorette and if either woman, or both of them, found love.]

Rachel, a 26-year-old flight instructor from Clermont, FL, and Gabby, a 31-year-old ICU nurse and former NFL cheerleader from Denver, CO, are handing out roses on The Bachelorette after having their hearts broken by Clayton Echard on The Bachelor's 26th season.

Gabby and Rachel were introduced to 32 men on Night 1 and only eliminated three guys at the end of the first cocktail party.

During the women's first week of dates, they proceeded to eliminate a whopping eight men: Chris Austin, Jordan Vandergriff, John Anderson, Brandan Hall, Colin Farrill, Justin Budfuloski, Matt Labagh, and Ryan Mula.

Gabby and Rachel have been decisive so far, but it's also been complicated to date some of the same men.

Rachel and Gabby have had to put their friendship first and communicate, especially in the cases where they were both attracted to Logan Palmer, Mario Vassall, and Johnny DePhillipo.

Some of the men, however, have already chosen their preference. Nate Mitchell, for example, went out on a one-on-one date with Gabby and determined that he was all in due to their "magical" connection.

On Episode 3 of The Bachelorette airing on Monday, July 25 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC, Gabby and Rachel will embark on the largest group date in Bachelorette history.

ABC teased there will be "shocking revelations that may have lasting consequences."

The week will begin with Rachel going on a one-on-one date in which she and one suitor are treated to a day of Hollywood glam. The date, hosted by Karamo Brown, will include a big-screen glimpse into each other's lives set to music by composer Matt White.

For Gabby's next one-on-one date, the bachelor will meet her famous Grandpa John and be put to the test in terms of whether he'd fit in with her family.

The group date will then feature 19 men participating in a photo shoot at Pasadena palace. Photographer Franco Lacosta will help Gabby and Rachel envision their futures with these men.

The evening will continue when the group heads to SoFi Stadium for a night of romance "that takes an emotional turn when several men reveal shocking news to Gabby."

The episode will conclude with a dramatic Rose Ceremony in which the Bachelorettes make a decision that will alter the rest of their journeys.

"When not all goes as expected, Gabby and Rachel are left to question everything," ABC teased.

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The Bachelorette season will be "unlike anything" before

When announcing the 32 bachelors who will be competing on The Bachelorette's nineteenth season, The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer said during a live TikTok event, "What I can promise you and what I can tell you is that it's a journey unlike anything we've ever seen before."

"This is a totally different circumstance and setup and environment that both Rachel and Gabby will have to navigate -- dating these men and having to lean on each other," he added. "They are going to rely on their friendship to assist each other along the way."

Jesse also said the women "deserve a ton of credit" because "they took control" and "made up their own rules," according to E! News.

Jesse teased Gabby and Rachel entering "uncharted waters," explaining, "I think in certain moments [they will] really veer off course and do things their own way. There's no set formula... A lot of things are going to happen that have never happened before."

There wasn't any "drama" between Gabby and Rachel during The Bachelorette season

The Bachelor franchise creator Mike Fleiss, who also executive produces the show, said in April there was "no drama" between Gabby and Rachel and the women helped each other find true love.

Gabby told People it was "a huge learning process," but Gabby shared that "the story will definitely show and kind of tell itself once it starts airing."

"I think people do know at this point that we do each have our own love stories," Gabby confirmed. "It was so nice to have each other to lean on and have that built-in support as we were moving through."


And Rachel added, "It's just really amazing. We both get to have our own journeys and our own stories, but still have each other along the way."

Rachel emphasized how honesty, transparency, and "communication" with her co-star was everything as they filmed the season.

The bachelors pick a The Bachelorette star after the first two rounds of dates

The first rounds of The Bachelorette dates feature Gabby and Rachel interacting with all the men and vice versa, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

"Some guys kinda go into it knowing who they want to date right away and who they're hoping to end up with, and there's some other men that literally have no idea and they're trying to date simultaneously," Jesse told E! News.

Carbone reported that at the third Rose Ceremony of the season, Rachel and Gabby handed out roses but the men had to accept a rose or not and make the decision of whom they'd like to continue dating going forward.

The men had to choose between the ladies before international travel started to Mexico, Paris, Belgium, and Amsterdam.

Carbone heard that Rachel had passed out a few roses that were rejected but Gabby was also turned down by Hayden Markowitz, who selected Rachel as his potential love interest.

The Bachelorette season was allegedly "hell" to film

"I've heard it's going to be very different. And it's going to have a Paradise feel to it," Season 21 The Bachelor star Nick Viall alleged on his "The Viall Files" podcast.

"They said it was hell to film because they decided to have two Bachelorettes, like, last second. So the scheduling was for one Bachelorette. They had to jam it all in... The people I talk to, they hope they never do it again. Just because of the logistics."

Nick compared the format to two friends being at a bar, asking each other, "Who are you into?"

But Nick claimed there may be some overlap, with Gabby and Rachel potentially dating the same guy at one point or another.


"If it doesn't work out, like if, let's say Gabby was like, feeling it with 'Frank.' 'Frank' could be like, 'Rachel, sup?'" Nick explained.

"There's a little bit of like, options, right? And the thing about Paradise, what makes it different is people have options."

Part of The Bachelorette season was filmed on a ship

Nick also revealed on his podcast that The Bachelorette started production on water rather than on land.

"It is on a cruise ship -- part of it," Nick shared, claiming to have learned the inside scoop from production.

"I asked people because it sounds like the producers think it's gonna be really interesting, but very different."

Jesse Palmer's dodged questions about if Gabby and Rachel fell for the same bachelors

Jesse wouldn't confirm or deny whether Gabby and Rachel fell for the same guy or guys at any point during The Bachelorette season, but he did tease that the dual leads had some "unexpected" challenges to overcome, E! News reported.

"It's not them competing for something," Jesse noted to the website, "but there were some raw, serious and honest conversations that had to take place."

But as Gabby and Rachel began falling for their bachelors and vice versa, Jesse previously teased, "They encounter circumstances and situations that no Bachelorette has ever had to encounter in the past."

Gabby and Rachel's The Bachelorette season may include "most dramatic" Rose Ceremony ever

Jesse told TooFab how there will are "several" contenders for the "most dramatic Rose Ceremony ever" this season.

"There's one in particular that I know is going to light up social media in Bachelor Nation, I guarantee it," Jesse said of a Rose Ceremony on The Bachelorette's upcoming edition.

Jesse also said The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All is sure to be explosive, as well as After the Final Rose, both of which have yet to be filmed.


"I'm not ready for it. I'm gonna take some time and get myself mentally ready, but there's gonna be a lot to have to digest, go back over and clarify and get closure," Jesse explained.

"Rachel and Gabby's season is not short on drama. That is for sure," he added. [And] as you know, Men Tell All, that's going to be an absolute circus... There's gonna be a lot to discuss, a lot of very difficult conversations."

Hayden Markowitz emerges as one of the villains on the season

Hayden Markowitz, a 29-year-old leisure executive from Tampa, FL, gave Rachel a birthday card and promised the two The Bachelorette stars that he would think with his head instead of his private parts.

But according to Carbone, Hayden didn't think everything through, and he becomes the "villain" of this season at the third Rose Ceremony.

Hayden will be shown sitting down with Gabby and telling her that plans to pursue a relationship going forward with only Rachel.

"But the way he tells her doesn't come across well," Carbone reported in his July 12 blog post. "I think he even brings up his exes. So that doesn't sit well with Gabby."

Rachel and Gabby each has a group of Final 4 bachelors

Gabby and Rachel were both spotted filming hometown dates in different cities with at least seven men.

In late April, Gabby was spotted filming in Bedminster, NJ; New Orleans, LA; Jupiter, FL -- three different locations.

And Rachel was caught taping hometown dates in entirely different destinations in late April: Salem, MA; Wildwood, NJ; Orange, CA; and Santa Clarita, CA.

Jesse made sure to note in a recent interview with Us Weekly that Gabby and Rachel had "two love stories, two completely different journeys."

"People are gonna need a notebook -- and take notes -- to try to follow who's dating who [and] what's going on," Jesse shared. "Because it's literally double the love, double the drama and double the fun."

Gabby's Final 4 bachelors include Erich Schwer, Jason Alabaster, and Johnny DePhillipo

Carbone reported three of Gabby's Final 4 suitors: Erich Schwer, a 29-year-old from Santa Monica, CA; Jason Alabaster, a 30-year-old from Santa Monica, CA; and Johnny DePhillipo, a 25-year-old from Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

But the spoiler blogger admitted he's "not 100 percent sure" of Gabby's fourth hometown date.

"In terms of Gabby's 4th hometown, I have a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to her having one with Justin Budfuloski... in Simi Valley, the same day Rachel had hers with Tino in Santa Clarita," Carbone tweeted.

"I just have never been specifically told or seen any pics/videos she did."

Carbone is pretty confident that Justin, a 32-year-old from Solana Beach, CA, received the fourth hometown date with Gabby, writing, "I really don't think Gabby only had 3 hometown dates, while Rachel had 4. That would throw things off and wouldn't make much sense."

Rachel's Final 4 bachelors are Aven Jones, Tino Franco, Tyler Norris, and Zach Shallcross

Rachel's Final 4 bachelors were reportedly Aven Jones, a 29-year-old living in San Diego, CA; Tino Franco, a 28-year-old from Playa Del Rey, CA; Tyler Norris, a 25-year-old from Rio Grande, NJ; and Zach Shallcross, a 25-year-old from Austin, TX, according to Carbone.

Carbone reported that Gabby and Rachel completed filming the men's hometown dates on May 2.

"You would have to ask Gabby and Rachel and I'd be curious to see what they'd be willing to share with you, but what I can say is that their journeys are nothing short of remarkable," Jesse teased.

"But at the end of the day, I think it was their friendship and their support of each other that really helped them through it all -- magically, somehow."

Gabby's Final 3 bachelors include Jason Alabaster and Erich Schwer

In a May 12 blog post, Carbone revealed that he received "confirmation" that Johnny DePhillipo from Gabby's group of men was already back home.

With past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the Final 3 person stayed in the final filming location until the show wraps.

Given Gabby and Rachel's season was still filming at the time, Johnny's return home would appear to indicate he was eliminated from the Season 19 competition at the Final 4 Rose Ceremony, which typically films in Los Angeles, CA.

Carbone previously received "circumstantial evidence" that pointed to Justin Budfuloski being Gabby's mystery fourth bachelor. But Justin's sister-in-law posted a photo of Justin with his family on Mother's Day via her Instagram account.

When the Mother's Day picture surfaced, Johnny had already reportedly been eliminated in fourth place.

And so Justin's early May reunion with his family seems to confirm Justin is not one of Gabby's Final 3 bachelor, nor was he in her Final 4.

"I assume Gabby took 3 guys down to Mexico and we know Jason Alabaster and Erich Schwer are two of them," Carbone wrote in his May 12 blog post.

"I have not been told Gabby only had 3 hometown dates. I believe she had 4, and one of them just never got out publicly. Still don't know who that third guy is."

Rachel's Final 3 bachelors are Aven Jones, Tino Franco, Tyler Norris, and Zach Shallcross

Carbone also revealed in his May 12 blog post that Tyler Norris from Rachel's group of men was back home at the time.

Given Gabby and Rachel's season was still filming at that point, Tyler's return home would appear to indicate he was eliminated from the Season 19 competition at the Final 4 Rose Ceremony.

Rachel's Final 3 bachelors therefore were Aven Jones, Tino Franco, and Zach Shallcross.

Following hometown dates, Gabby, Rachel and their remaining men flew to Mexico, where the Final Rose Ceremony was reportedly filmed on May 14.

Rachel's Final 2 bachelors are reportedly Zach Shallcross and Tino Franco

According to Carbone, Aven Jones was eliminated in third place following Rachel's overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

Given Aven finished in third place, that means Zach and Tino were Rachel's Final 2 bachelors.

During the show's premiere, Aven promised Rachel that he was on the show for her, but Rachel was disappointed that he didn't go in for a kiss.

Rachel had the strongest connection with Tino right off the bat and even told Gabby that the rugged handyman is her "type." Rachel also thought Zach was cute after first meeting him. 

Who Gabby and Rachel picked as their winners and ended up with hasn't been revealed yet

Carbone isn't sure whom Rachel and Gabby picked as their winner at the end of their journeys to find love.

"I don't know who they picked," Carbone wrote in a July 12 blog post.

"Last few seasons it's been much tougher to get the ending of the season as evidenced by not having Clayton's until the end, and also didn't have [Peter Weber]'s until the end.

Carbone also hasn't heard whether either woman is engaged. However, Rachel recently hinted her season ended like a fairy tale because she described her overall experience as "magical" in an interview with Us Weekly.

"It's possible" Gabby and Rachel both got engaged

Jesse said on Us' "Here for the Right Reasons" podcast that "it's possible" both Gabby and Rachel got engaged at the end of the season.

"I don't know how, [but] this whole thing just worked and I cannot wait for Bachelor Nation to see how it all unfolds."

Jesse noted how it will be "interesting to see" how Bachelor Nation responds to the new season.

"I can't wait for it, I think they're gonna love it. And so we'll see kind of where this leads down the road," Jesse said of Bachelor Nation.

Jesse also thinks "it's totally possible" The Bachelorette may star two women in one season again.


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