Former The Bachelorette bachelor Craig Robinson was allegedly sexually harassed by a female producer during the casting of Bachelor Pad's second season -- reportedly resulting in the producer being fired and Robinson dropped from casting consideration.

Robinson -- a former Ali Fedotowsky suitor who made it to the final seven in the sixth season of The Bachelorette -- claims he was intensely and inappropriately pursued by The Bachelorette supervising producer Karri-Leigh Mastrangelo when Bachelor Pad's second season was being cast earlier this year, Star Magazine reported in its July 11 issue.

Robinson, a 27-year-old lawyer from Philadelphia, PA, reportedly initially tolerated Mastrangelo's sexual advances but eventually accused her of sexual harassment -- resulting in the producer, who served as a supervising producer on The Bachelor as well, being fired.

"It was sort of like workplace sexual harassment, but I realized that if I rejected her advances, I'd probably ruin my chances to be on Bachelor Pad," Robinson told Star.

Robinson told Star that Mastrangelo initially called him to repeatedly discuss harmless matters concerning the Bachelor Pad selection process, but eventually took their level of communication to an alarming level.

"She kind of lost her mind. She sent me a lot of messages saying that she was in love with me and could see a future between us. She texted me several photos, a couple in really racy lingerie -- pushing her boobs up -- and one in a dominatrix outfit," Robinson said.

Robinson suggested he had little interest in the former producer, but admitted giving into her advances during an encounter in March.

"I came to LA to visit a friend and she called me. I ended up making out with her, but she wanted more. I wasn't going to do that," Robinson added.

According to Robinson, his Bachelor Pad casting went from "a done deal" to dead after he rejected Mastrangelo's overture.

"A producer explained it was a legal issue now and if I were to win the show, it would look bad," he said. 

However, Mastrangelo's marriage also reportedly fell apart when her husband became suspicious of her interactions with Robinson and contacted him after noticing the pair had been having "far too many" phone calls. 

Robinson declined to contact him in return, but Mastrangelo later told him her husband was outraged and their relationship was destroyed.

"She later told me he smashed her phone, left the house and left her," Robinson said.

Mastrangelo admitted she had an "inappropriate relationship" with Robinson and was "let go" from her job as a result when contacted by Star, the magazine reported.