Bachelor in Paradise couple Jill Chin and Jacob Rapini appeared to be a strong couple in Paradise until Kate Gallivan came along, so did Kate break Jacob and Jill up -- or did Jacob and Jill reunite after the surprise season twist and end up together?


[Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers about Jill and Jacob's Bachelor in Paradise fate and how their relationship progressed or ended].

On Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season, Jill came to Paradise with the intention of pursuing Romeo Alexander.


However, when Romeo found himself attracted to Jill, Kira Mengistu, and Brittany Galvin, Jill gave up on him and determined that she had no interest in him anymore.

Romeo gave Jill his rose at the first Rose Ceremony, but Jill made it known that she was accepting the rose only to stay on the beach longer and be able to meet new men.

Jill declared how she was "open for business," probably more so than any other woman on the beach.

Meanwhile, Jacob kissed his fair share of ladies before realizing he really liked Jill.

Jacob locked lips with Kira, Hailey Malles and Lace Morris when his rose was up for grabs.

In attempt to win Jacob's rose, Kira even dressed up like the Jane to Jacob's Tarzan. She rocked a bikini made of leaves and Jacob thought she looked "hot and sexy" -- but it wasn't enough to get her the rose.

Jacob offered his rose to Lace instead, saying she's "stunning" and "iconic." But their romance didn't last long, as Lace later called him "a d--chebag."

After Rodney Mathews entered Paradise and didn't show interest in Jill, she and Jacob started spending a lot of time together on the beach.

The pair noticed they have similar personalities and were having a lot of fun together. Jacob also talked about how Jill looked "absolutely stunning" and so he wanted to take her rose -- "and possibly her heart" -- at the second Rose Ceremony of the season.

Jacob then received a Date Card and asked Jill to accompany him on the outing. Aaron Clancy pointed out how they're perfect for each other because "they're both weird."


Jill and Jacob participated in spiritual rituals, including checking out crystals and trying some tantric breathing under a full moon. The date led to howling, oiling each other up, and some serious sexual chemistry.

The pair ended up getting naked and expressed their attraction to each other.

Jill said she couldn't imagine being on the date with anyone else, and they ultimately kissed in adjacent hot baths. She liked his big heart, and Jacob gushed about Jill's wit, energy, authenticity, and, well, her butt.

The whole beach seemed to think Jill and Jacob would be perfect for each other, and their romance continued to strengthen. Jacob even turned Kira down when the physician returned to Paradise and asked him for another chance.

Jacob told Kira how they had great chemistry and he appreciated her putting herself out there, but he explained how he had developed a deep connection with Jill and was only interested in moving forward with her.

"I do have something real with Jill," Jacob said in a confessional. "We had an amazing date today. She is such a special person."

Jacob told Jill that he only had eyes for her, and then the couple kissed. Jill finally felt chosen by man, and she decided to give Jacob her rose at the second Rose Ceremony of the season.

Everything was going great until "The Split" twist happened. Jill, forced to leave Jacob on the beach and go to a hotel with the other men, sobbed about being ripped away from her man.

Jill threatened to quit the show, and at one point, she considered asking Jacob to leave with her. She said she wasn't sure her mental health could handle this situation.

"This is so stupid! Book me a flight home! I'm really not kidding. I think I'm going to go!" Jill shouted and cried.

Jacob told the cameras how this twist was going to tell him how strong his relationship with Jill really was, and it turned out, it wasn't very strong.

Cue Kate. Kate began flirting with Jacob, and he thought she was bubbly, outgoing and sexy. Jacob said he felt butterflies for the blonde beauty, and the pair ended up alone in a pool making out.

Kate said she was hoping to build a connection strong enough to get her past the next Rose Ceremony. Kate was convinced Jill would be going home, and she said she'd do anything to stay.

Kate admitted she was only looking out for herself.


Meanwhile, over at the women's hotel, Jill said she had reached her breaking point, and she closed herself in a bedroom to just scream at the top of her lungs.

Jacob was then shown telling Kate how he wasn't waking up and thinking about Jill every morning.

Jacob said Jill ultimately wasn't his person, and Kate was relieved to hear that.

"If I walk in and Jacob has another b-tch on his lap, I'll blow his d-ck clean off," Jill joked in a confessional, before footage showed her cuddling with crystals from her first one-on-one date with Tarzan.

As Jill pouted, Jacob and Kate made out with her legs straddled around him. Kate told the cameras that her sights were set on Jacob and that seat was "taken."

"This is not best friends in Paradise; this is Bachelor in Paradise, and I'm here to find love," Kate bragged.

So what happens next between Jill and Jacob on Bachelor in Paradise? Do they get back together?

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Jacob left Jill for Kate, which resulted in Jill being sent home.

However, Jacob and Kate's romance reportedly didn't last long, as Kate moved on with Logan and began dating Shanae Ankney's former love interest.

Later on, three more women entered Paradise: Mara Agreat, Ency Abedin, and Lyndsey Windham, all from Clayton's The Bachelor season.

They were reportedly the last three women to show up.

"When Lyndsey came on the beach, there weren't many options, so she asked Logan, [and] Kate told him she didn't want him going on a date so Lyndsey just went home," Carbone wrote in his June 28 blog post.

Logan and Kate's romance, however, eventually fizzled out. The pair split up before Bachelor in Paradise's Final Rose Ceremony, according to Carbone.

Jill and Jacob therefore both left Paradise at different times, single and alone.


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