Bachelor in Paradise featured Joe Amabile making a connection with Serena Pitt when he needed it most, Abigail Heringer asking Noah Erb out on a date, and a total of seven new couples making out in Paradise on the very first day during Monday night's Season 7 episode on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began an introduction to some of the seventh season's original cast members.


Serena P. said she couldn't wait to start dating and she's known as the girl "who sent the Bachelor home," referring to Season 24 The Bachelor star Matt James. She said she had made the right decision and has no regrets.

Serena P. was hoping to meet model Brendan Morais from Tayshia Adams' season, saying he's "a very gorgeous man, a very gorgeous specimen."

Brendan said he was broken as a man on Tayshia's season but felt more peace in his life and had left the past in the past. He said the idea of falling in love was exciting and he'd have to take that leap of faith this time around.

Tahzjuan Hawkins overheated the last time she was in Paradise and she said she's a new person who's "serious about finding love," maybe with Ivan Hall, who had made Tayshia's Final 3 on The Bachelorette 16. She was impressed by his career.

Ivan said he put himself out there for Tayshia but he's "fully recovered" from the breakup and is ready to be a husband and father. He was hopeful to find love with a beautiful, amazing woman.

Victoria Larson, aka "Queen Victoria," had a rebirth, an awakening and a transformation. Victoria said the Queen is dead and she's now a blonde goddess.

Mari Pepin-Solis from Matt's season said she was best remembered for being tapped by Katie Thurston's vibrator. She also said she's known for having a big ass, which is totally real, and she hoped to leave Paradise with a ring on her finger. Mari anticipated meeting the "hot" and older Kenny Braasch.

Kenny appeared to arrive totally naked. At age 40, Kenny was prepared to have the best summer of his life with no cares and no clothes in the best shape of his life.

Kelsey Weier, "the champagne girl," insisted she's changed since Peter's season and has learned to love herself. She said she's not looking to find someone to fill her holes.

Kelsey was shown telling Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams she had a laxative on her face to prevent obsessive sweating, and she just hoped to not cry too much.

Connor Brennan said he was "all in" with Katie but the spark wasn't there for her. Connor wanted an awesome kiss with someone and looked forward to meeting Abigail, Jessenia Cruz, or Brittany Galvin.

Jessenia recalled leaving it all out on the table for Matt and getting eliminated, but she noted how she still believes in love and deserves to be happy. Jessenia was excited to meet Joe from Bachelor in Paradise's fifth season, especially.


Joe revealed he no longer has a grocery store but he dances and makes pasta. He dated Kendall Long for two years and they were in love but their futures didn't align. Joe said he forced himself to get over Kendall, and his parents were supportive because they want grandkids really soon.

"Right now, I am in a very good headspace. I'm at that point of my life where I'm ready to get married," Joe shared. "Life is much better when you're able to go through it with someone else."

Guest host David Spade then welcomed cast members to the beach in Paradise: Abigail, who was starstruck by David and said she was so nervous but open to all love possibilities; Joe, who hoped to build a friendship and leave in a relationship; and Ivan, whom David said seemed like a cool guy.

Joe said he and Kendall had been broken up long enough where they should both be comfortable dating other people. He was optimistic the process could work for him again.

Joe thought Abigail was "super sweet," and she called him "really good looking."

Abigail called Ivan "super hot" and said he was taller in person, but Ivan flat out admitted he was excited to meet Serena P. Joe was also interested in Serena P.

Serena P. then walked on the beach and Ivan muttered to Joe, "May the best man win."

"F-ck me," Joe told the cameras while blushing and smiling ear to ear. "The pressure is on! It's bad. I wasn't expecting it. Don't come here people — this is a love trap and you don't know what could happen."

Kelsey then entered Paradise by popping a bottle of champagne with David at the entrance, and Ivan called her "gorgeous" and was confident in what he has to offer. He said he wasn't worried about the competition.

Brendan arrived at the resort next, and Kelsey gushed about him being "hot." Abigail felt she was in a trance when looking into his eyes, and Serena P. said she was pleasantly surprised by Brendan.

Joe noted how Brendan has swag and is a good dresser, which made him feel insecure. Kelsey said it looked like Joe just left the gym, and so he wasn't happy with his first outfit choice and admitted he felt vulnerable.

Natasha Parker then greeted the cast members and was ready to be "flirty and fun and have some drinks," and she was followed by Tammy Ly, who thought David Spade was Dave Chappelle.

Tammy burped in front of everyone right away, and then Jessenia, Tre Cooper and Aaron Clancy joined the group on the beach. Tammy admitted she had her eye on Aaron even before filming began because of his cute smile and fit body.


Kenny then showed up naked with a black box censoring his private parts. David advised to put sunscreen "down there" and Kenny joked about at least getting an even suntan. Brendan said Kenny was "fully nude," and Natasha pointed out how she was "loving the scenery" and Kenny's "bold" approach to dating.

Abigail was waiting for "a spark feeling" — and then Noah graced Paradise with his presence. Noah, a nurse, said he liked Abigail and the fact she's overcome a lot of adversity. Noah thought the pair could vibe and work towards an actual relationship.

Abigail thought Noah was cute but didn't know much about him, and so she said she'd like to have some one-on-one time with him.

Noah told Abigail that he wanted to focus on one woman and pursue that, and Abigail agreed.

Noah and Abigail immediately hit it off and Abigail was all giggles, and Kelsey gushed about how they looked like the first Bachelor in Paradise couple. Jessenia also noted Noah and Abigail looked really cute together.

Joe then sat down with Serena P. and said Toronto is ugly on the outside and beautiful in, like her, except she's beautiful on the outside and he couldn't figure out her inside yet.

Joe fumbled over his words and laughed about how awkward he was coming across. Joe joked with Serena P. how he was falling apart but Serena P. made him feel comfortable. Joe even gave Serena P. a piggyback ride so her feet wouldn't burn in the hot sand.

But Serena P. then went off with Brendan, and Joe began wondering if he was going to fit in with everyone at the beach.

"You wanna know the truth? My conversation with Serena P. was like talking to Kendall," Joe admitted in tears. "I think I thought this was going to be fun. I did it before, but now I don't know if I want to do this. It's weird. I probably shouldn't have come back."

Connor B. showed up next, and he was followed by Deandra Kanu and then Victoria L., who was dressed like a sun goddess ready to spread some light.

Brendan said Victoria L. smelled really good.


Wells and David then sized up the field from a distance, with Wells pointing out how Serena P. appeared to be the hot commodity everyone was going after. Wells said Joe, Ivan and Brendan were all into her.

Maurissa Gunn walked on the beach next as well as Mari. Kenny said Mari was the hottest girl on Matt's season, and so he took advantage of a conversation with her immediately. Abigail called Kenny and Mari "brown-haired Ken and Barbie."

Mari told Kenny that she likes older guys and once dated a man 14 years older. She said Kenny made it hot in Paradise.

Next to enter the season was Tahzjuan, who was already really hot and sweating. Tre pulled Tahzjuan aside right away because he thought she was beautiful, but she apparently once went on a date with his uncle. She also kissed Tre's uncle, his mother's brother, which was an obvious turnoff for Tre.

James Bonsall stepped in the sand as the day got later, and the women complained how Katie's bachelors seemed way too into each other rather than the ladies.

Victoria Paul and Serena Chew graced Paradise with their big energies next. And then Karl Smith arrived and said Paradise had officially started.

"This summer is about to get lit! I'm looking to get engaged here. I'm looking to find my future wife here," Karl bragged.

Tahzjuan made fun of Karl for wearing a watch and tennis shoes to the beach.

David Spade then asked everyone to gather in one place and he welcomed Wells, the bartender and David's partner in crime. Wells told everyone to fall in love or go home and people would be coming in constantly.

Wells said a Rose Ceremony would take place at the end of every week, with either the men or the women having the power.

This week, the men have roses and three single women would be going home, which put a lot of pressure on the girls.

Aaron revealed how he planned to give his rose to Tammy, and Brendan liked Natasha's calming and sweet presence. But the guys looked forward to the women working for their attention. Tahzjuan hoped Tre would still give her a chance even though she had dated and kissed his uncle.


Natasha, 33, told Kenny that she had once dated a 50 year old, and Mari didn't like watching Kenny connect with someone else.

Tahzjuan shared with Brendan how she's a hopeless romantic, and then James walked into dinner with a Date Card.

Abigail was getting overwhelmed in the group setting so she hoped for a one-on-one — and she got it! Abigail asked Noah to accompany her on the date. Everyone noticed how they looked really great walking away with each other.

Meanwhile, Joe was in his own world, and Wells said it took courage for Joe to come back and look for love again. Joe hadn't made a connection yet and couples were starting to form, so he wondered what he was doing there. Joe didn't see the point in staying if there was no one he was really interested in.

Victoria L. wanted to be pursued but no one was approaching her. Her five-second eye contact rule wasn't working.

Abigail and Noah enjoyed dinner surrounded by pinatas, and Abigail shared how she hadn't been on many dates before Paradise and moved very slow in relationships, not meaning in the physical sense.

Abigail said she and her ex dated for eight months before making their relationship official, but Noah said it was going to be hard to move slow in Paradise when they were going to be together all the time.

"I think it's going to be hard for me personally," Noah admitted. "I'm not uncomfortable with it, but I'm not sure what it's going to be like."

Abigail said she must feel "so sure" about a man before calling him her boyfriend and she tends to friendzone guys really easily.

"I need to stop doing that," Abigail confessed.

Noah helped Abigail relax and have fun, and he hoped she wouldn't continue to be so guarded.

Noah therefore complimented the bachelorette and said he knew there's a lot more to her than just a lovely sweet girl. He noted how everyone on the beach seemed to adore her, and then Noah went in for a kiss to take himself out of her friendzone. Noah said the kiss was nice.

Back on the beach, Connor B. was forming a bond with Maurissa, and the pair shared their first kiss on a daybed on the beach.


Connor B. was nervous about the kiss since a part of him feared he's a bad kisser after Katie Thurston dumped him due to the lack of a spark, but Maurissa confirmed, "Katie is wrong. Connor is a great kisser." She called Connor B. "sweet" and "unexpected."

Tre was then shown telling Tahzjuan that she's "an amazing quality woman," and she said she wanted a man who knows what he wants and would just go for it. Tre therefore kissed Tahzjuan, and she called the kiss "a 10 out of 10."

"I really enjoyed kissing Tre -- more than his uncle," Tahzjuan noted with a laugh.

Noah and Tahzjuan both assumed they had snagged the first kiss in Paradise, but then a montage played of the following new couples making out: Ivan and Jessenia, Aaron and Tammy, Connor B. and Maurissa, and Mari and Kenny.

Joe then sat down with Wells and admitted he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay in Paradise because it was tough to stay in the place and be reminded of all the moments he had with Kendall when the pair had fallen in love.

Wells advised Joe to keep an open mind and heart, but Joe confessed, "I don't think it's going to happen. I want to leave."

However, Serena P. sought out Joe for a conversation because she said he had given her some "fiesta flutters."

Joe shared with Serena P. how his breakup with Kendall was mutual because they couldn't agree on a city in which to live long-term. Serena P. said where a couple lives is a huge decision, and Joe agreed, saying he and Kendall were close to marriage and having kids.

"We were also growing apart with certain things," Joe revealed.


Serena P. joked with Joe about how he had clearly been contemplating his life on the beach and wondering if he had made a huge mistake by coming to Paradise, and she made Joe laugh.

Serena P., 23, learned Joe is 35 years old, but the age difference didn't seem to bother either of them. The couple shared some laughs and then Joe went in for a kiss and said it was really nice and he hoped she felt the same way.

Ivan and Brendan watched the pair make out from a difference, and they both seemed a tad jealous even though they were pursuing other women.

"I'm starting to develop feelings for Serena. It does make me want to stay. Yeah, I'm happy I'm here," Joe said with a smile.

On Day 2, Wells told David that they had the most makeout sessions in the history of the show on the first day of filming.

Kelsey was determined to be more social, saying she had just been observing and taking everything in on the first day. Kelsey hadn't felt a spark with one of the bachelors yet and hoped to form a connection.

Victoria L. was also optimistic a man might pursue her on the second day of Paradise. She explained to Tre and Aaron how she wanted a chivalrous man, and Tammy agreed the men needed to "step it up" even though they had the roses at the end of the week.

Deandra had her fingers crossed a new guy would show up on the beach, but the next arrival was Bachelor in Paradise returnee Demi Burnett!

Demi boasted about how hot she looked and how she was ready to stir things up and find a man.

"I look fine as f-ck. Who wants to go to the Boom Boom Room?... Those poor girls, I'm going to steal all their men!" Demi bragged.


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