Excessive drinking was apparently one of the factors that contributed to last year's break-up of now-reunited seventh-season The Bachelor couple Charlie O'Connell and Sarah Brice.

"He's not drinking anymore, so that's a huge thing in our relationship," Brice told Extra during a joint interview that aired on the syndicated entertainment news program's Friday broadcast.

"Maybe," O'Connell responded when Extra correspondent Tanika Ray asked him to confirm his drinking had been one of the issues behind the couple's break-up.

During the interview, Brice also revealed that her desire to be more independent had been another contributing factor to the breakup.

"I needed to go out and become my own person and figure out who I really was and what I wanted," Brice told Extra.

O'Connell said that, at the time, neither he nor Brice had expected their break-up to be temporary.

"I think we broke up with the assessment of never speaking again," O'Connell told Extra.

However, now that they are back together, he feels the breakup "really helped our relationship." 

"I have a lot more fun with Sarah than without her, so there," he told Extra.

Brice also revealed that while she and O'Connell plan to move back in together at some point, she's not rushing anything.

"Obviously, we will live together again. But I kind of don't want to live together until we are married... when the time is right, we will know," she told Extra.

O'Connell also seemed to reference his past experiences with Brice when asked if he was surprised by the recent breakup of The Bachelorette couple DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak.

"I guess I'm not surprised, because it's really hard after being in the bubble of The Bachelor to then go and live in the real world and not really know each other," he told Extra.