The NY Post is reporting that in addition to his already well-documented breakup with ex-fiancée Helene Eksterowicz, the bloom is also coming off of the publicity rose for Aaron Buerge, the star of the second edition of ABC's "The Bachelor."

According to this week's "US Magazine," the publicity whore extraordinaire has been frustrated that he has been struggling to exploit his fifteen minutes of fame into additional celebrity and spokesperson gigs. According to the magazine, other than for his own new restaurant, Buerge's endorsement opportunities have been limited to appearing in local Missouri-area print and radio ads for a local business called "Mystic Tans of Springfield."

Additionally Aaron reportedly also incurred the wrath of "The Bachelor" show producers by referring to himself in one advertisement as "The Bachelor" - an apparent big no-no since he wasn't sanctioned to do so by Telepictures, the owners of the trademarked "The Bachelor" title.

Pity the (not-so)-poor Aaron... where are the hot tub manufacturers of the world when you really need them???