Ashlee Simpson does not shy away from her past lip-synching controversies on her new album, "I Am Me."

The singer-actress has written two songs, "Beautifully Broken" and "Catch Me When I Fall," which were inspired by the furor after she was caught lip-synching during her October 2004 "Saturday Night Live" appearance.

"You can go through high school and college and people can make fun of you, but the whole world?" asked Simpson, 21, who recently made a triumphant return appearance to the late-night show. "It was a hard thing to go through.

"But when I write, I put my whole self out there and take it to the extreme, and I felt like I had to write about all my experiences during the past year."

Simpson co-wrote all 11 songs on "I Am Me." She'll celebrate its October 18 release with appearances on ABC's "Good Morning America," the syndicated "Regis And Kelly," MTV's "TRL" and an autograph session at the Virgin Megastore in New York City.