April Dowling became the sixth houseguest evicted from Big Brother's tenth season during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality show.

The 30-year-old finance manager from Higley, AZ was revealed to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 45 by a 4-1 vote and became the tenth-season's second jury member.  April was placed on the chopping block by the competition's sixth Head of Household Renny Martyn, a married 53-year-old hair salon owner from Metairie, LA.

Renny nominated April and Jerry MacDonald, a married 75-year-old former Marine and retired marketing executive from Magnolia, TX, for eviction during Sunday night's broadcast -- a move that confused some of her fellow houseguests. 

Dan Gheesling, a single 24-year-old Catholic high school teacher from Dearborn, MI;  Keesha Smith, a single 29-year-old Hooters waitress from Burbank, CA; and Robert "Memphis" Garrett, a single 25-year-old mixologist and party planner from Los Angeles, CA, instead thought Renny should have nominated April and  Bryan Ollie, a 27-year-old marketing sales representative from Bloomington, MN.

Ollie and April had been involved in a Big Brother showmance and thus were considered stronger as a couple.

Dan won Power of Veto during Tuesday night's broadcast and toyed with the idea of taking Jerry off the block, however he had no guarantee that Renny would put Ollie up in his place -- especially since Renny had stated she had no problems with Ollie. 

Dan ultimately decided against using the PoV, however he tried to create some conflict when he said he was offered money to change the nominees.  Both April and Jerry had money from a previous PoV competition and while it was April who offered it to him, none of the other houseguests were sure whether it was April or Jerry.

Michelle Costa, a single 28-year-old real estate agent from Cumberland, RI, was instantly curious about who offered Dan the money and wanted to make sure whoever it was would be booted.  She approached Dan, but he said he didn't want to "expose" who made the offer.  Memphis suggested to Michelle and Keesha that April and Jerry might have both offered Dan money. 

Based on April's facial reaction when Dan made the money comment during the PoV ceremony, Michelle was sure it was Jerry who made the offer.

"I can't trust him as far as I can throw him," said Michelle about Jerry.  "He needs to leave the game."

But Keesha was set on voting to evict April and said she'd be an "idiot" to change her vote, a sentiment that Memphis agreed with.  April opined to Ollie about not having done anything to anybody that would warrant her eviction.  She knew she had Ollie and Michelle on her side and that Keesha and Memphis would be voting against her, meaning -- for the third week in a row -- Dan would be the "swing vote."

Ollie and April approached Michelle who said she would vote to evict Jerry as long as she knew they had the votes since she didn't want to be in the minority, which would place a target on her back.  Ollie then approached Dan to try and save his Big Brother girlfriend.

"You have my word Dan, that if you were to give her a vote, I promise you I would not put you up.  She wouldn't either," pleaded Ollie. 

"I don't know man," answered Dan.  "I've just got a lot to think about."

April then pulled Dan aside and asked if Jerry had also offered him money.  Dan said he had yet to be bought by Jerry, so April once again offered Dan money -- this time offering to pay for his eviction vote to be cast for Jerry.  In addition to the money, she offered Dan "complete safety" in the house.

"I will think about it," said Dan, who then mulled over his decision.

"Every week so far I've had the possibility of being the swing vote, which totally blows my mind," said Dan in the Diary Room.  "So April tried to buy my vote, and it is tempting.  They know they can't win this thing without me, and I love it."

The live portion of last night's Big Brother 10 broadcast then commenced and April and Jerry were each given one last chance to defend themselves.

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know each and every one of you," said April.  "Every moment I've had in this house -- whether it's laughs or, as America knows, fighting -- I will cherish every single moment.  As far as the voting, I just ask that you vote what's best for you in this game.  Play for you.  Don't play for the person sitting next to you, don't play for the person sitting across from you.  Just play for you... I just wish you guys the best of luck and no worries."

Not surprisingly, Ollie voted to boot Jerry.  But Keesha, Memphis, Dan and Michelle all voted to oust April -- who gathered her belongings and exited the house before being met by host Julie Chen and a live studio audience.

Julie's first question was about April's relationship with Keesha, and April said her first instinct was to naturally trust Keesha before being turned on.  Julie asked why Keesha turned on April.

"I'm not sure," answered April.  "I'm still confused when I was Head of Household why the house turned.  But I guess I will get my answers when I watch the season.  I have no idea.  I still don't have any answers."

Julie then started to pepper April with questions about Ollie, beginning with the obvious -- if she thought isolating themselves as a couple played a role in her eviction.

"I would hope not," naively answered April.  "I think it's always best to have some sort of a best friend in the house.  It's a tough game.  I think sometimes you just have to take yourself out of that game.  It kind of gives you a break, a little bit of sanity.  That's what I call him, he's my sanity in the house."

Julie tried to rephrase the question and asked if April had known from Day 1 that being involved with Ollie would lead to her ultimate eviction, would she have gotten involved with him in the first place.

"Absolutely," answered April before Julie asked about their future as a couple.

"Ollie had plans of moving to Arizona before he ever met me, so that's not the reason why he's moving to Arizona.  I'm sure it might help his decision I guess to have a friend out in Arizona.  I would love to have him out there..."

"Living together?" asked Julie.

"No," she answered.  "He wants to get his own place and I think that would be the best idea at this point.  We have lived together here.  We'll take it a step back -- usually you don't live together first then move out and then possibly move back in, but that's the way we're going to have to do it right now."

Even though April seemed noncommittal about her and Ollie even living together, Julie still asked if the two plan on following through with their talk of marriage in the house.

"That was a joke.  That was a complete joke," said April.  "We joke a lot in there."

"Can you picture marrying him?  Maybe starting a family with him?" asked Julie.

"God, these are some tough questions Julie!" said April.  "You're putting me on the spot!  You have a lot of time to think in the house, so we just took it day by day.  Obviously our friendship has grown, and I'm just thankful for that."

Following April's eviction, the seven remaining houseguests -- minus Renny, who as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete -- competed in the tenth season's sixth HoH competition.

Dubbed "King of the Jungle," each houseguest would have to hang onto a "jungle vine" as it swung back and forth, smashed into a padded wall, and rain fell on their heads.  The last houseguest hanging onto his or her vine would win HoH.

While the results of the challenge are already known to the show's 24/7 live Internet feed viewers, CBS will reveal the winner during Sunday night's Big Brother 10 broadcast. (If you don't want to wait until then to find out what happened, highlight the area below.)

Dan won the challenge and became the seventh HoH.

Big Brother 10's next episode will air Sunday, August 24 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.  Then on Thursday at 8PM ET/PT, Big Brother 10 will air a live "special double eviction," in which two houseguests will be evicted.