The big cross-network romance of Apprentice and Bachelor reality stars is over... only to have been apparently replaced by some Apprentice intra-show romance.

As mentioned on last week's The Bachelor: After The Final Rose telecast, Jen Schefft, the woman whom Andrew Firestone selected as his fiancee during ABC's The Bachelor 3, is no longer dating fellow Chicagoan Bill Rancic, the man who won a job working for Donald Trump on NBC's The Apprentice. Jen and Andrew had broken up last December, with the couple publicly citing a realization that their "future goals were different" as a major reason for the split.

Jen told the Chicago Sun-Times that, after four dates with Bill, she became convinced that he was "too similar" to Andrew for a relationship to work. We presume that she meant "similar" as in "another womanizer," since the NY Post reported that Bill was so broken up about his split from Jen that he and fellow Apprentice finalist Amy Henry -- with whom Bill had already had a relationship -- were engaged in some heavy lip-locking at a "secluded spot" on the roof of the restaurant Sushi Samba in the Big Apple just a couple of nights later.

For TV consumption, though, Bill and Jen have placed a different spin on their breakup, blaming it on his work for The Donald. Bill told the Sun-Times that "obviously I've got my plate pretty full," and during her After the Final Rose interview Jen explained that "he's Donald Trump's right-hand man now. ... It was just sort of bad timing for the both of us." Of course, with a womanizer, there may not be such a thing as "good timing," but that's something Jen will have to learn for herself.

Jen told both the Sun-Times and the TV audience that, "I'm also looking for someone who's gonna have a little more time for me!" Not to paint all reality contestants with the same brush, but we merely want to suggest to Jen that perhaps wannabe reality-TV stars aren't the right group in which to find many people who aren't self-centered and self-absorbed.