Another season of 'Big Brother' is here and with it have come the inevitable allegations of the producer's "selective editing." Jam! Showbiz reports that among this season's unaired big controversies is that that right after Marcellas' and Amy's nominations were announced by Roddy, Amy and Marcellas were so upset that they threatened to leave the show immediately.

According to Jam!, it was an emotional discussion that ended when they contemplated leaving together as a voluntary walkout. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed on the live feeds and the producers managed to convince Reynolds and Crews to stay following a 45 minute meeting in the Diary Room. Reynolds later warned some of his fellow HouseGuests afterwards of the consequences of walking out of the show.

"If you consider leaving, it is not a good idea. They own you," said Reynolds. Reynolds went on to describe how the producers wouldn't pay for their trip home and that he and Crews would not be part of any publicity surrounding the show if they left the game voluntarily.

Other examples of the selective editing cited by Jam! include:

- Gerry Lancaster, the 51-year-old teacher, being very serious about getting in shape. On the Saturday's show, Lancaster was shown goofing off in the pool as some of the HouseGuests participated in a workout. In reality, Lancaster makes steady use of the elliptical trainer every morning and evening. The sessions are quite intense and can last close to forty minutes or so.

- The romantic pairings of HouseGuests Chiara Berti and Lisa Donahue with Roddy Mancuso and Eric Ouellette -- relationships that have been depicted as tender affairs. What has not made it to air is that Mancuso and Oullette have had many private conversations with one another about how they are conning the two women as part of playing the game.

- Chiara's characterization. Chiara comes off as 'in love' on the show but on the feeds she's a very 'dirty' character. For example, she often gets involved with sexual discussions and has repeatedly expressed her opinions that "monogamy was not natural," that "swinging should be more accepted." and that "the divorce rate would be down if only people weren't restricted to only one partner."