Reuters/Variety reports that American Idol judge Simon Cowell and producer FremantleMedia have teamed up to create a new dating reality show, entitled Cupid, that will air 11 hourlong episodes this summer on CBS.

In Cupid, an attractive single woman in her late 20s or early 30s and two of her girlfriends will tour the country, meeting with and questioning men who want to date her, all in front of a studio audience. After she and her friends pick out about 10 such men, the show will revert to a conventional dating show, except that the home audiences, not the bachelorette, select the bachelor to be eliminated.

At the end, the last man and the woman will be required to move in together, which means that Cupid will probably have a lot of conflict footage to start off the next set of episodes. Cowell expects as much: "We're going to let the people do what they do best. They'll probably put the completely wrong couple together, so it'll be humiliation at the beginning and a total disaster at the end." Humiliation of the bachelors, in fact, is a key intent of this show. Says Cowell, "After 'Sex and the City,' women all over the world have been empowered to belittle men. And because I love humiliation so much, I thought we had to make this into a TV show." So much for a new enlightened era of sexual relations.

Because of Cowell's association with American Idol, he will not be available to host the American version of the show. However, he plans to host the British version, which will air on the ITV network.

Casting announcements have not been made at this time. Anyone looking forward to appearing on this show should keep an eye on for casting announcements and updates.