reports that before she was an American Idol, Kelly Clarkson appeared in a gay video. The film, entitled "Issues 101," tells the story of student running for president of a fictional college's Greek system. Clarkson plays a coed who is asked by a fellow undergrad to have sex and then is seen leaving with the guy. According to Launch, Clarkson is fully clothed in her cameo.

The film was shot prior to Clarkson's "American Idol" run. "Issues 101" director John Lincoln III told Launch that "it was a fluke that Kelly did the film. We were looking for actresses who didn't mind being in a gay-themed film, and Kelly's generous spirit fit perfectly in our 90-minute project."

Ted Trent, owner of the website that is distributing "Issues 101," says that that "Issues 101" is not a porn movie, as it does not show penises or insertion shots. Rather, he likens the sexual content to imagery seen on Showtime's "Queer As Folk" and other programs, which show men hugging, kissing, and in intimate situations.