Jordin Sparks wasn't happy with Russell Brand during Sunday evening's 25th Annual MTV Video Music Awards -- and she publicly let him know about it.

Brand, a British comedian who served as the awards show's host, repeatedly skewered The Jonas Brothers' decision to wear purity rings -- which symbolize their vows to abstain from premarital sex -- during the ceremony.

Following Brand's comments, the sixth-season American Idol champion -- and fellow purity ring wearer -- took a moment to stick up for the brothers while presenting one of the show's awards.
"I just have one thing to say about promise rings --  it's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody, guy or girl, wants to be a slut," Sparks told the audience before she presented an award with John Legend..
Sparks' post-Idol career has taken off since her platinum selling self-titled debut album featuring singles "Tattoo" and "No Air." The music video for "No Air," a duet with Chris Brown, was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Female Video at the MTV awards show.

Since gaining fame on Idol, the 18-year-old Glendale, AZ has been a vocal supporter of abstaining from sex until marriage -- something she credits to her Christian upbringing and symbolizes by wearing a promise ring inscribed with the phrase "True Love Waits."

"I haven't been in love yet," she told US Weekly in the magazine's June 18 issue. "I am saving myself for marriage." 

"Somebody had to do it," Sparks later told Fox News about why she decided to respond to Brand and his comments.

Brand was somewhat apologetic about comments during his own post-show interviews.
"I feel a bit bad that I kept talking about their vows to chastity and I'd like to take this opportunity to say no one ever have sex again," Brand, an admitted former sex-addict, told The Associated Press. "It's a mad idea. What a way to spend an evening."