American Chopper's sixth-season premiere will apparently feature a family feud that ends with patriarch Paul Teutul, Sr. firing his son Paulie.

"It's like anything else. It goes on and on and there becomes a point where it's like, 'Okay, what do I do here?'" Paul Sr. told The New York Post in a Tuesday report. "Honestly, this was affecting my health. I just couldn't take it anymore."

American Chopper's sixth season will debut Wednesday night at 9PM ET/PT on TLC with Paul Sr. griping about Paulie "really getting under my skin" as he's customizing a chopper for former NHL star Rod Gilbert, according to The Post.

The steam really begins to blow from Paul Sr.'s ears when Paulie arrives late for work -- causing dad to lay down the law in a confrontation that includes "high-decibel shouting and tossed furniture" and ends with Paulie leaving and promising never to return, The Post reported.

"Don't forget, it's been seven years together, doing 26 shows a year," Paul Sr. told The Post.

"After a period of time, if things don't change they just accumulate and that's basically what happened. But I think people recognize what's going on -- and the fact that Paulie's lazy."

Whether the firing stuck or not remains to be seen, according to The Post, which noted Paul Sr. has failed to mention it while publicizing his new book, "The Ride of a Lifetime."