First Paul Teutul Sr.'s family grew.  Now it's apparently his business' turn.

The American Chopper star is planning to open a new 11,500 square-foot Orange County Choppers retail store in West Nyack, NY this month, the New York Post reported Sunday, adding Teutul and his custom motorcycle business are also readying to move into a new 100,000 square-foot world headquarters in Newburgh, NY by next winter.

"I'm a compulsive, impulsive person and I can never stop at one thing," Teutul told the Post. "My staff is very aggressive and we're looking to expand as much as we can... we're in a wave of opportunities."

The new Orange County Choppers retail store will be located in a mall and share space with a BBQ restaurant, according to the Post, and will feature a line of clothing and other business-branded merchandise that could eventually rival that of Fortune 500 company Harley Davidson.

"The thrill of owning an Orange County Chopper outpaces a Harley," Teutul told the Post while admitting he has his own collection of more than 20 Harley Davidson bikes. "I really can't tell you how far this is going to go.  We started out fairly small so I'm assuming that anything is possible."

While Orange County Choppers' custom-built motorcycles won't be sold at the retail store, the Post reported the planned headquarters will also include a shop where the company's mass-produced bikes will be available. 

In addition, the headquarters' 32,000 square-foot store -- which is four-times the size of the current shop -- will sell parts, accessories and Orange County Choppers' new private line of apparel, according to the Post.

American Chopper, which currently airs on TLC, will also benefit from Orange County Choppers' expansion plans, as the Post reported the new headquarters may have portions of the show be filmed behind a one-way mirror so customers visiting can watch the Teutuls hard at work.