America's Next Top Model has eliminated Jeana Turner and narrowed down the Season 24 competition to only four girls.

Jeana, a 24-year-old from Minneapolis, MN, was ousted from the competition after the show's panel of judges determined she had the least impressive performance in the week's music-video shoot during Tuesday night's broadcast on VH1.

"I've learned that beauty is not in a little box, at least not the little box that I made it to be. I think that me being here and showing [my bald head] and not hiding it obviously makes people aware that it's okay, you're still beautiful," Jeana, who has a fairly rare disease called alopecia totalis, said in her final words.

Jeana began tearing up in her final confessional, adding, "But I wanted it! And I can say I never thought I'd get here. We'll see if any of these other girls can be as versatile as I'm going to be after this."

Before letting Jeana go, Tyra Banks told Jeana that she was given a gift of "exceptional beauty" and something she thought was her "curse" -- alopecia -- is actually a blessing.

Tyra, however, believed Jeana needed to show more of her personality in order for the world to recognize her as Jeana Turner -- not just "the bald girl."

In addition to Tyra, the panel of judges is comprised of supermodel, entrepreneur, and body activist Ashley Graham; Chief Creative Officer of Paper magazine Drew Elliott; and celebrity stylist and image architect Law Roach.

Jeana fell into the bottom two with Rio Summers, a 23-year-old from Detroit, MI.

Tyra thought Jeana and Rio were just "treading water" while the other girls were actually progressing on the show. Tyra told Rio that she wants to see her take her "magic" up to the next level.

Shanice Carroll, a 25-year-old from Murfreesboro, TN, told the cameras that both Jeana and Rio were "stuck-up mean girls" who "deserved" to be in the bottom.

Jeana was accused of being pushy, while both ladies were viewed as being arrogant and boastful by their competitors.

The Top Model episode kicked off with a challenge in which Tyra asked each of the five remaining models to come up with their own avatar for the America's Next Top Model mobile game. The winner of Season 24 will have her avatar featured in the game.

Tyra explained to the contestants the avatars not only needed to resemble them physically, but the animated characters also had to have similar personalities and style -- including hair and makeup. The avatars had to tell a story, and this challenge was all about showing personality.
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The girls presented their avatars to Law as well as the creator of the America's Next Top Model game, David Ortiz, one by one.

Although Rio stood out in the challenge, the winner was Khrystyana Kazakova, a 32-year-old from New York, NY, because she brought the most energy and laughter.

As her reward for winning the challenge, Khrystyana got to join Law at a top showroom in Los Angeles, where celebrities often pick out clothes and Law would serve as her own personal stylist.

Khrystyana was able to pick out and keep a handful of beautiful outfits -- including a light gray off-the-shoulder sweater and silver sparkly skirt with a slit she rocked at the subsequent panel session.

For the photo shoot, the girls starred in a fashion music video directed by Tyra's friend, Director X, that was set to a song by Maejor. The video was all about acting, showing some personality, getting into character, and taking risks.

Once the girls were critiqued at panel by Ashley, Tyra, Law, Drew and guest judge Director X, Tyra awarded best performance to Khrystyana.

Kyla Coleman, a 20-year-old from Lacey, WA, had the next-best performance, and she made it known she has a cute crush on Director X, 41.

Shanice received a still photo from her video shoot next, leaving Rio and Jeana fighting for one spot to stay in the competition.
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