America's Next Top Model forced Romeo Tostado to leave the show after he got into a physical altercation with Adam Smith during The CW's broadcast of the 21st season's second episode.

Because of a "no tolerance policy" for physical assault, Romeo, a 6'0 1/2" 23-year-old from Salinas, CA, got kicked out of the competition after he head-butted Adam in attempt to provoke him when he was self-admittedly drunk.

Romeo's elimination saved Lenox Tillman, a 5'9 1/2" 19-year-old from Newnan, GA, in the competition.

Lenox had landed in the bottom two alongside Adam, a 5'10 1/4" 26-year-old from Memphis, TN, and would've been ousted from the show due to her low total score for the week had Romeo remained in the running to become "America's Next Top Model."

Lenox and Adam finished as the bottom-two models after shooting a video for a mock fragrance called "Spider Bite" with a partner of the opposite sex. Lenox was paired with Romeo for the video shoot, while Adam worked with Shei Phan.

They also walked in a runway challenge which required the models to wear stilts. Ben Schreen won the challenge.

Best photo of the week -- and the week's highest score -- went to Will Jardell, a 6'4 3/4" 23-year-old from Nederland, TX. Will earned 26 points from the judges, eight points from the challenge and a 6.9 fan vote. His total was 40.9.

Tyra's call-out order was as follows: Will, Raelia Lewis with 40.3 points, Keith Carlos with 39.3 points, Mirjana Puhar with 39.0 points, Matthew Smith with 37.9 points, Shei with 37.3 points, Denzel Wells with 35.6 points, Kari Calhoun with 35.2 points, and Ben with 34.6 points -- leaving Adam and Lenox in the bottom two.

Adam received 21 points from the judges, six points from the challenge and a fan vote of 6.0. His total was 33.00 points.

Lenox earned 15 points from the judges, a challenge score of eight and a 7.3 fan vote. She finished with a lower total score of 30.30 points.

Just as Lenox believed she had been eliminated from the competition, Tyra Banks surprised her with the news she could stay due to Romeo's mistake. However, in the next photo shoot, Lenox will only have five frames to capture her best shot while everyone else will have ample frames.