America's Next Top Model eliminated Alexandra "Alex" Agro during The CW's broadcast of the twentieth season's sixth episode Friday night.

"I've wanted this my whole life and I feel like social media has loved me so far, and I feel like everything happens for a reason in my life, and I feel like if I'm meant to come back and I do super well, then I will. My only goal now is to make sure that I do my absolute best in all the photo shoots. My mom is going to be so proud of me. I love her so much, so this was all for her!" said Alexandra, a 5' 9 1/4" 21-year-old student from Palm City, FL.

Alex was eliminated from the competition after she found herself in the bottom two alongside Jiana Davis, a 5' 10" 20-year-old bartender from Denver, CO.

The pair of female models landed in the bottom two based upon their challenge score and total combined scores from the judges and viewers for an over-the-top parody commercial which required the girls to dress up like guys and the guys to dress up as girls to sell a "sexy" fragrance. The models were given characters to play and had to pose as a couple with someone of the opposite sex, ending the commercial with a kiss.

For the challenge, the models served as fashion correspondents for "Smize TV" and had to impress celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and the show's social media expert Bryanboy with how they interviewed and interacted with people on the street. Perez and Bryanboy fed the contestants instructions and comments to say aloud through an earpiece.

Jeremy Rohmer, a 6' 3" 19-year-old nutritional supplement salesman from Mission Viejo, CA, won the challenge after Perez told him to take his shirt and pants off for someone. Jeremy got to enjoy a romantic dinner with a female model of his choice for winning the challenge, and he opted for Jourdan Miller, a 6' 0" unemployed 19-year-old from Bend, OR, to join him.  

Alex received eight points from Top Model judge Kelly Cutrone and six points from both judges Tyra Banks and Rob Evans. She also earned seven points from the challenge and a 7.7 fan vote, making her overall score 34.70.

Jiana received eight points from both Kelly and Rob and six additional points from Tyra. Added to her challenge score of six points and 7.5 fan vote, Jiana was revealed to be safe thanks to her overall score of 35.50.

Alex will join previously-eliminated contestants Mike Scocozza and Chlea Ramirez in the separate competition with the hopes of being voted back onto the show by Top Model fans.

Best commercial of the week went to Cory, a 6' 2 1/2" 22-year-old wedding singer from Philadelphia, PA, who was the person to receive the highest overall score of 45.70.

Tyra's call-out order was as follows: Cory, Kanani, Don, Phil, Jourdan, Chris H., Jeremy, Renee, Nina, Marvin, and finally Jiana and Alex.