Confronting Amber Rose's comments that she felt "body shamed" on "Dancing with the Stars," judge Julianne Hough told Amber Rose she was judging her "only for the dancing."

"The thing I love so much about dance is that it's a universal platform for people to express themselves," Hough said on Monday's episode, addressing Rose and her comments that she felt like Hough was judging her physical appearance on a previous episode.

"As a judge," Hough continued, "I'm here to solely judge you and everyone in this competition for only the dancing."

"When you said ['I feel a little uncomfortable'], I felt very embarrassed," Rose explained to Hough.

"And I felt like you weren't talking about my dance. But if I misunderstood, then I apologize."

Hough's initial comment came during Rose's performance with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy on an earlier episode.