American Idol eliminated Amber Holcomb during Thursday night's live results show broadcast on Fox, determining the twelfth season's Top 3 finalists.
Amber, an 18-year-old from Houston, TX, was ousted from the competition based on the combination of home-viewer votes that were cast following Wednesday night's performance show and last week's performance show.

During a Friday conference call with reporters, Amber talked about her American Idol experience. Below are some of the highlights. Check back with us next week for more.

Was there a point where you started to realize how much female talent you were surrounded by this year?

Amber Holcomb: Actually, I knew from the beginning that all the girls were amazing. I felt that everybody was, but the girls -- you know, I'm a girl, so I'm going to stand up for my girls -- we were all really good.  I wasn't startled or anything like that, I just felt like we were five amazing girls who had the opportunity and the chance to be the next American Idol.

The judges kept telling you over and over again that you were going to have a great career, no matter what.  So does it really matter that you didn't win?

Amber Holcomb: You know what, that's kind of a trick question. (Laughs)

I mean, all of us go to American Idol wanting to be the next American Idol [winner], so it's kind of bittersweet not winning.  But I mean, at the same time, I have more time to work on me and focus more on me [rather] than the competition.  I mean I feel like it's an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.

Have you heard anything from [Burnell Taylor] since you got voted off?

Amber Holcomb: Umm... (laughs)

We text a little bit, but we're just really excited to go on tour together and see each other on tour.

There's been so much talk of American Idol kind of flaying in the ratings, and a decline in the ratings and a big shakeup at the judges' table next season.  What's your take on how American Idol could kind of get back to the American Idol of old?

Amber Holcomb: Oh man.  I think they should have a season where like they bring people back.  You know what I'm saying? Not all of them, but maybe pick like one or two from each season and have them all come back and just battle it out.  That would be soooo incredible, I think.

Do you mean [just] people who didn't win so they have a chance for redemption?  And who are some of your favorite [former] contestants that you would like to see compete again?
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Amber Holcomb: Yes, I did actually mean the contestants that didn't win.  And I would love to bee [Joshua Ledet] back -- well, I guess Jennifer Hudson wouldn't come back because she's like a big star now. (Laughs)

But I mean, like, even [Jessica Sanchez] -- and me (Laughs)

I feel like, yeah, we should all get a second chance.

Did you have a feeling you would be going home or were you completely surprised last night?

Amber Holcomb: Well they always say an Idol can feel it when it's time, and I'm not even going to lie, I honestly did feel like I was the next to go.  And I was really sad, but at the same time I told myself that I still get to go on tour -- tickets are on sale today, by the way.  You know, I'll see them again, so I was happy.
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