Amanda Davenport thought she had what it takes to be a head chef, however Gordon Ramsay disagreed.

The 27-year-old sous chef from New York City, NY became the ninth contestant eliminated from Hell's Kitchen's sixth season during last night's broadcast of the Fox reality series.

"I don't agree with Chef Ramsay's decision," opined Amanda after her ouster.  "But I am definitely going to keep cooking for the rest of my life and be the best chef ever."

Hell's Kitchen's eighth sixth-season episode began with the all-male Blue Team lamenting the loss of Robert Hesse instead of Andy, a 39-year-old executive chef from Seattle, WA who currently resides in Boston, MA.

"Robert was a skilled chef and Andy was chosen over him to say," opined Dave, a 32-year-old executive chef from Chester, NJ who currently resides in San Diego, CA.  "So if he f--ks up again, there's no way in hell he's getting another chance."

The all-female Red Team was also upset by the fact that Suzanne, a 24-year-old sous chef from Milwaukee, WI who currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, was still in the competition.

"Suzanne gets on everybody's last damn nerve," explained Tennille, a 28-year-old executive chef from Hampton Roads, VA who currently resides in Fairfax, VA.  "That girl don't know how close to being out the door she really is."

The next morning both teams met Gordon for a blind taste test so he could determine who had the best palate. 

The chefs would be paired off, blindfolded and have their ears covered with headphones. Each chef would be given four ingredients to taste and would have to identify it correctly to receive points for their team. The team with the most points at the end would win.  Since the Red Team had an extra member, Gordon told Tennille to sit out.

The Red Team won the challenge, correctly identifying six ingredients while the Blue Team was only able to identify four.

For their reward, the Red Team traveled with Gordon to the V Lounge for a "dining in the dark" experience.  While all of the girls enjoyed themselves, they still felt as though Suzanne was taking every opportunity to suck-up to Gordon.

For their punishment, the Blue Team was forced to make sorbet for that night's dinner service, take in a fruit delivery and clean the glasses to hold the sorbet.
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The next day the eighth dinner service commenced, and Gordon explained that each team would be responsible for serving a palate-cleansing sorbet to the patrons.  In addition, Gordon said he wanted the service to be consistent.

Suzanne and Kevin, a 35-year-old executive chef from Plymouth, MA who currently resides in Middleton, CT, both got their teams off on the right foot by doing a good job with the appetizers. 

However when Kevin left the kitchen to serve the sorbet, Van, a 26-year-old fish cook from Buford, GA who currently resides in Dallas, TX, took over the appetizer station.  Gordon called his risotto bland, and many of the restaurant's patrons agreed.

Amanda had her first hiccup in the Red Team's kitchen when Gordon commented that her tagliatelle and effort were not up to snuff.

"Chef Ramsay thinks I'm slow," said Amanda.  "But I was working.  I don't need Chef Ramsay coming up and busting my b--ls."

Andy was working garnish in the Blue Team's kitchen and also had the task of being on top of the orders, however he was unable to keep everything straight -- which led to confusion from all of his team's members.  When Gordon asked for several entrees and they weren't there, he was upset.

"Hey Blue!  I'm calling out orders, and you're confused, you're confused and you're s--king on the end of your d--k!" yelled Gordon, directing his harshest criticism at Andy.  "Listen!"

The Blue Team was able to get back on track, however the same couldn't be said for the Red kitchen.  Suzanne was on the fish station and Sabrina, a 34-year-old restaurant manager from New Caney, TX who currently resides in Phoenix, AZ, was on the meat station -- meaning their timing had to be together.  But it wasn't, as Suzanne's sea bass was ready before Sabrina's lamb. 

To keep up with her teammate, Sabrina served the lamb raw and it was promptly sent back by a patron.  As a result, Gordon threw Sabrina out of the kitchen and forced her to eat her raw lamb.

"I should have stuck to my grounds when I said I wasn't ready," opined Sabrina after the fact.  "Suzanne forced me to.  Suzanne f--ked me."

Tennille took control of the meat station and wouldn't be bossed around by Suzanne, righting the Red Kitchen. 

In addition, the Blue Team had also found their rhythm and was starting to pull away -- however Andy started to run out of mashed potatoes.  Despite his left arm being in a cast, Dave was able to successfully cook up a new batch in short order and save his team.

The Red Team was also nearing the finish line, however Suzanne's sea bass wasn't ready.  As the rest of the Red Team's food got cold at the pass, Gordon grew inpatient and eventually made them redo the final order.

"Now we've got to do it all over again!  Thanks a lot Suzanne!" opined Tennille.  "Suzanne sunk the ship.  She sunk us!"

Amanda attempted to help Suzanne cook halibut, however she undercooked it and the mistake was caught by a patron.  When Gordon confronted Suzanne, she passed the blame to Amanda.

Both teams eventually completed the service.  Gordon declared that the Blue Team had won the service and deemed Tennille "the best of the worst" -- giving her the task of nominating two people for elimination.
Not surprisingly, Tennille made it clear that she planned to nominate Suzanne.

"You don't know how to work as a team member," said Tennille about Suzanne.  "And so, get the f--k out of my face!  You're going home girl."

The Red Team ganged up on Suzanne, with Sabrina and Amanda both explaining they felt they had been thrown under the bus by her.  Suzanne attempted to explain herself, however it was to no avail -- the Red Team criticized her for lacking teamwork.

"Honestly, if I didn't have to put two people up, you'd be going up by yourself," Tennille told her.

Tennille subsequently nominated Suzanne and Sabrina, however Gordon also thought he needed to hear from Amanda.

Suzanne tried to explain she felt her nomination was personal, a point that Tennille countered by explaining her decision was solely based on that night's dinner service and Suzanne's overall lack of teamwork.  Sabrina also pled her case, and Gordon told her she was "consistently crap."  Sabrina then blamed her poor performance on Suzanne's lack of teamwork -- and the rest of the Red Team agreed.

Amanda then tried to save herself.

"I can cook.  I'm not a bad cook at all," she said.  "Tonight, yes I sent you a small portion of tagliatelle, yes that was stupid.  At least I can cook my stuff."

"Can you win Hell's Kitchen?" asked Gordon.

"Yes chef," she answered.

However Gordon disagreed and gave Amanda the boot -- much to the dismay of the rest of the Red Team.

"Amanda was a sweet girl, but sweet girls don't make great head chefs," explained Gordon.

Hell's Kitchen's next episode will air Tuesday, September 8 at 8PM ET/PT on Fox.