Reuters reports that the ABC Television Network is refuting the claim of an online gaming company that the final woman picked by 'The Bachelor' has leaked out and swears that the identity of the winner is still a secret.

As we reported earlier, an online gaming company last week stopped taking bets on the taped reality series after an avalanche of big bets on the same woman clicked in from Springfield, Missouri, hometown of the show's star, 28-year-old banker Aaron Buerge.

"Nobody's been back to that town since the filming of the show, so there is no way anyone could have seen them there," ABC spokeswoman Lauren Tobin said on Thursday. She confirmed that Buerge and his final pick have been out together elsewhere, but "never in Springfield." And, of course, she would not reveal the name of the lucky winner.

Kyle Frantini, a spokesman for Antigua-based, said about 60 percent of betting at the site on "The Bachelor" came from Springfield, and all the money was bet on the same woman. "Our management thinks some people might have seen them together or heard from someone who did ... we had people who were referring each other to the site," he said.

Tobin sourced the rumor to a Springfield radio station which claimed that Buerge and the woman had been seen together. "We would never start a story like this, but it does keep the buzz going and reminds people to watch the show," she said.