90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premiered its fifth season with the introduction of three new long-distance couples, including Caleb and Alina -- the first little person to ever star on the franchise -- as well as the return of Usman "SojaBoy" Umar preparing to meet his new American girlfriend Kim during Sunday night's episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' new season stars Usman, a 32-year-old from Sokoto, Nigeria, and Kim, a 50-year-old from San Diego, CA; Caleb, a 28-year-old from Chandler, AZ, and Alina, a 27-year-old from Saint Petersburg, Russia; Gino, a 51-year-old from Canton, MI, and Jasmine, a 34-year-old from Panama City, Panama; and Memphis, a 34-year-old from Muskegon, MI, and Hamza, a 28-year-old from Kairouan, Tunisia.


The following couples have yet to be featured: Mike, a 34-year-old from Thiells, NY, and Ximena, a 24-year-old from Pereira, Colombia; Ella, a 29-year-old from Idaho Falls, ID, and Johnny, a 34-year-old from Jinan, China; and Ben, a 52-year-old from Fraser, MI, and Mahogany, a 24-year-old from San Bartolo, Peru.

Usman was previously married to Lisa Hamme, 54, whom he had met on Facebook two years before filming 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fourth season.

Lisa struggled to trust Usman during their relationship and they split in May 2020. Usman later served Lisa with divorce papers in December 2020 and Lisa has since remarried with a childhood friend.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days will follow long-distance relationships and document how each couple found each other as well as their first in-person meeting in a foreign country "and the countless surprises, drama and culture clashes along the way."

In most 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cases, lovebirds are hoping to get engaged and begin the K-1 Visa process.

After traveling across the world, the couples will determine if love can conquer all as they experience challenges such as language barriers, interfering families, cultural differences, age gaps, ex partners, and "shady pasts," according to TLC.

Below is what happened on the debut episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fifth season:


Caleb said he's always been a pretty adventurous person who loves to travel and is a "hyperactive person." He had previously lived in New Zealand and Thailand and shared how he's a very spiritual person who enjoys meditation.

"After meditating for a long time, you almost have these moments where you com out of body. I can look down and see all of my narratives and mental constructs. It almost felt like it was an alien assuming the body of Caleb," Caleb told the cameras.

Caleb is also interested in tarot cards and said he "gets around a lot" and can "get sex from anywhere" in his active dating life. He said he loves women and having fun.

Caleb had never been in a long-distance relationship before because he said he never met the right woman with whom to settle down, until he met Alina, a beautiful 27-year-old from Russia.

Caleb and Alina had met on social media 13 years ago -- when Caleb was only 15 years old -- but were only dating for a year-and-a-half by the time 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days filmed.


Caleb and Alina started out with an online friendship and became best friends many years ago, but then they lost touch with each other. Caleb then planned a trip to Russia and hopped on a Russian dating app to see whom he could meet.

"And there was Alina! It was the biggest small-world experience. Some visa issues came up and I never actually made it out there, but we kept talking more and more -- and I realized that we had something special," Caleb shared.

Caleb told the cameras he didn't want to wait any longer to find out if his connection with Alina was "real in person."

But due to COVID-19, the borders in Russia were closed when the spinoff taped, and so the pair intended to meet up in Turky in two weeks.

Caleb said how he and Alina had a deep emotional connection, which helped him to look past a major difference between them?

The major difference? Their height. Alina, a model, is a little person.

Alina described herself as active and energetic and said she recently became interested in burlesque. Her condition is called diastrophic dysplasia, a rare form of dwarfism that affects everybody differently and affects one's joints and stature.

In order for a person to be born with the condition, both parents apparently must carry the gene.

Alina also sings in a band called BFF band, which consists of her two friends and roommates, one male and one female.

Alina explained how she's comfortable in her own body and rocks what she has. She has accepted the fact she doesn't look like everyone else, although she admitted some daily tasks are hard to do considering her fingers don't bend and she can't walk very much.

Alina uses a wheelchair for longer distances and revealed how she's had some challenges in dating. However, she said Caleb makes her laugh and they have a similar sense of humor. She also thought he's very handsome and couldn't wait to meet him in-person and touch him.

"I just want someone to be serious about me and be a good partner, supporting each other no matter what," Alina said.

"And I really think Caleb could be The One. I think we have a really strong connection online, but I'm really worried how Caleb is going to see me. He's never been with a little person before, and he hasn't seen how I walk. It's not a confident walk on the runway."

Alina feared Caleb would be totally overwhelmed, and so she confessed she was "really scared about that."


Alina was then shown visiting her mother Natalya and father, who worried about her a lot and seemed very protective and nurturing.

Alina broke the news she'd be traveling to Turkey "on vacation" to finally meet Caleb in person after 13 years of knowing each other. Alina's parents worried about her getting around Istanbul in a wheelchair and spending time with a total stranger.

Natalya said Alina falls in love easily and she didn't want her daughter to make the trip at all.

Alina's father recalled how she had fallen in love with a man from South Africa, who met Alina in Russia and swept her off her feet -- only to allegedly stand her up once she flew to South Africa to see him.

The man allegedly told Alina that he was always busy, which she dubbed "bullsh-t," and Alina admitted it took her a long time to get over that failed relationship and broken heart.

Alina hoped her relationship with Caleb would go differently because she had invested a lot of time and energy into the romance. She didn't want to lose the "special connection" they had formed, which would leave her devastated.

Caleb said Alina brought out the best in him and inspired him to do more in life.

But when the couple videchatted, Alina warned Caleb that her friend Elijah would be accompaying her on the trip to Turkey to put her mother at ease. Alina's mother apparently liked and trusted Elijah.

Caleb didn't like the idea of having another man tagging along and potentially bringing "a weird vibe" to the trip. Caleb also said he had been totally prepared to take care of his girl on his own and so Elijah being around would be unnecessary.

But Alina admitted she was concerned about how much Caleb would need to help her, including with her wheelchair and reaching things in the hotel room. Alina feared Caleb would get annoyed and overwhelmed with how much help she'd need.

Caleb asked Alina not to worry and promised her they'd have a good time together and make the most of it no matter what. Caleb did, however, wonder what his dynamic with Alina was going to be like in-person.


Kim, a huge fan of pop icon Michael Jackson, said her best friends would describe her as "a little bit crazy."

"I am fiercely loyal. I pride myself on that," Kim shared.

Kim lived at home with her mother Sally as a primary caregiver. Sally is not mobile due to rheumatoid arthritis in her hips. Kim's mother is her best friend, and she also said she would give her life for her 25-year-old son Jamal.

Kim called Jamal "amazing" and her biggest accomplishment. She welcomed Jamal with her ex-husband, who had allegedly cheated on Kim multiple times during their marriage.


"Having been so loyal to somebody that didn't reciprocate that to me was a very hurtful thing," Kim admitted. "And it's pretty much been years of nonstop bad luck ever since. But my love life is actually making me pretty happy right now."

Kim said she's fallen in love with a wonderful and amazing man, a singer and rapper from Nigeria known as "SojaBoy."

Kim said Usman had completely changed her life and she's so happy. She called Usman "talented" but wouldn't put him in the same category as Michael Jackson -- "yet."

Kim acknowledged it's a little hard to believe she had fallen in love with a 32-year-old rapper since she considers herself pretty normal, especially as a 50-year-old woman.

Kim had met Usman on social media by messaging him and telling him that she was a big fan. When Usman messaged her back, they ended up talking for three hours. Kim said they had developed a very close friendship and spoke every day for almost a year.

The pair started out as friends, but Kim said their connection quickly changed into something more since she's "very attracted" to the young rapper. She gushed about his big smile and said he made her feel really special.

Kim told the cameras that Usman made her feel loved and often complimented her, and the couple determined it was finally time to meet in person.

Since Usman was shooting a music video in Tanzania soon, he invited her to join him and spend two weeks together. Kim considered herself dating Usman, but she wasn't sure how he viewed their relationship since he called her his "potential girlfriend" due to relationship complications with his ex-wife Lisa.

"She hurt him terribly. And so Usman was hesitant to get into another relationship with an older American woman unless we meet in person first," Kim explained.

"That's why this trip to Tanzania is so important, because I need to prove that I am the woman for him. I'm not [Lisa] and I'm 1,000 times better than her."

Kim acknowledged how she was following her heart and she was certain she could make Usman happy.

Kim was going to meet Usman in a week after meeting and connecting 11 months prior, and she was so excited to finally see him in person. A family friend was apparently going to look after Sally while Kim was gone.

Sally said Kim often tries to be "the perfect woman" but she needs to just be herself. Sally hoped Kim and Usman would have chemistry and that the rapper would treat her right.


Kim called this her "final chance" at happily ever after, but she was well aware that she'd be taking a huge risk for love.

"Who's to say this is not going to be my best life?" Kim questioned in a confessional.

A couple of days before her trip, Kim met up with several of her best friends, who could tell Kim was head over heels for Usman. Kim planned to be intimate "100 percent" with Usman, but they booked two separate hotel rooms for the beginning of the trip.

Usman wanted to determine what their relationship would be before spending nights together. Kim bet that Usman would end up in her room by the end of the trip, but her friends worried Usman wasn't fully invested in the relationship.

Kim revealed that Usman wanted kids but she wouldn't be willing to try for a child at her age. She therefore said Usman could marry a second wife and have kids, mainly because she respected his religion and culture so much.

Kim's friends had so many questions, and Kim said she just wanted her pals to be happy for her and not so defensive. Kim, after all, was already "scared to death."


Gino, a conservative man who doesn't travel often and enjoys the simple pleasures in life, was about to travel to Panama for a woman.

Gino had a couple serious relationships in his past, and he was once married to a woman from San Paulo, Brazil. He had worked in Brazil for six months as an engineer and met a woman around that time.

"I brought her to the United States on a K-1 visa, but we lost that spark after seven years of marriage. And so we mutually agreed to file for divorce," Gino revealed.

"Going through a divorce was very difficult, and I did lose some hope of, 'Hey, am I ever going to find that right person to start a family?'"

But earlier that year, Gino met Jasmine -- the love of his life, a 34-year-old American-Lit teacher from Panama City -- online. He said she's one of the smartest girls he's ever been with and he caught feelings for her the first time they spoke.

Gino gushed about her being funny and caring with the best personality. He dubbed her "the ultimate girl" and giggled about her beauty and sexy, curvaceous body. Gino seemed taken with her butt and hips and called Jasmine "out of my league."

"I think she's my soul mate, but I haven't even met her yet. I can't wait any longer, so I bought a flight to see Jasmine next week over Christmas and New Year's, and I hope to return back to Michigan engaged!" Gino said in a confessional.

Gino said Jasmine seemed to be a very sexual person, and so he purchased blue pills that would allegedly make him "last longer."


The pair had shown each other their naked bodies on video before, but Gino was a bit worried about his performance since he hadn't been with a woman in three years and Jasmine is so much younger.

Gino was then shown celebrating the holidays early with his older brother Tony and sister-in-law Lauri, who were both "a little bit concerned" about Gino traveling to Panama to meet a woman he had been chatting with online.

Gino had lost his hair and said Jasmine was aware of that, but he was hoping their emotional connection would make up for anything he lacked. Jasmine had also apparently only seen Gino with a hat on.

Gino looked forward to being with Jasmine 24/7 and potentially proposing marriage to her.

"She wants to have a couple kids and I agreed to it, because I would like to have a couple kids too," Gino shared with his relatives. "I'm hoping [she gets pregnant] on this trip... I'm ready for it!"

Lauri was worried about Jasmine's intentions, and Tony pointed out how he and Jasmine had never even held each other's hand before. Gino said he understood his family's concerns but wasn't about to pass up what could be "his last shot at true love and having a family."

While Gino was convinced Jasmine is the one, he said they have very different lifestyles and eating habits. Gino eats a lot of frozen meals, and he said Jasmine is a very fit vegetarian.

Jasmine also liked to know Gino's whereabouts and often asked for "evidence" and "reports" of what he was doing. He wasn't sure if Jasmine worried about his well-being or is just a very jealous and untrustworthy girl, which left him feeling a little unsettled.

Jasmine even accused Gino of flirting with a bartender, with whom he had a brief exchange when picking up his dinner at a restaurant. Jasmine said Gino looked like he wanted to ask the woman for her phone number and she was feeling very insecure.

Gino said Jasmine was probably just jealous of other women because she's in love with him and hopefully it would be less of an issue when they eventually got together in person.

One week before leaving, Gino got together with his beloved uncle Marco and his uncle's girlfriend Sandra, who were both a little upset about Gino's choices and Jasmine's plan for the future.

Sandra was concerned about Gino giving Jasmine money, especially since Gino had been laid off from his job in automotive engineering seven months prior due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Gino apparently sent Jasmine money from his savings when she wasn't able to work, but he assured his relatives that Jasmine is not a materialistic person, although she's had a lot of work done to her face, teeth and hair.

Sandra couldn't believe Gino may be ready to propose marriage after spending just three weeks with a woman. They wanted Gino to protect himself and request a prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding.

"I know in my heart Jasmine is not after me for my money, and also, knowing how emotional Jasmine can be, I'm a little afraid to talk to her about a prenup. I wouldn't want it to affect our future together," Gino explained.


Marco then drove Gino to the airport, and Jasmine said she couldn't wait to make love to him like two wet animals.

Gino said he believed in true love and anticipated he and Jasmine would feel true love with one another.



After being single for four years and dating around quite a bit, Memphis -- who called herself spontaneous and fun -- met a "special" guy named Hamza eight months prior, who apparently inspired Memphis to leave her wild days in the past.

Memphis is a single mom to a 13-year-old daughter named Kennedi, whom she welcomed from a relationship that took place 14 years ago, as well as a six-year-old son, whom she shares custody of with her ex-husband.

Memphis said she works hard to support her children and put herself through school for over eight years to obtain her Master's degree and become a nurse practitioner.

Memphis was so proud of her life but wanted to share it with a man, and dating American men online apparently wasn't working out for her.

Hamza is from Tunisia, and Memphis gushed about their instant attraction and Hamza's lips.

"He gives me these butterflies I have never felt before," Memphis said.

"He's very considerate. He tells me where he's going and every morning I get 'good morning' text messages and 'I love you.' I'm just so overjoyed that someone actually cares for me as much as I care for them. I haven't experienced that all my life."

Memphis said feeling loved and cared for is how she determined she wanted to be with him long-term.

The only problem was the couple's language barrier since Hamza only speaks a little English and she doesn't speak any Arabic. She joked about how the only words they both knew was "sexy time."

Memphis planned to fly to Tunisia and take "sexy time" to a whole new level. She said she was truly in love with Hamza and wanted to skip getting engaged and go straight to getting married.

Memphis intended to spend one week with Hamza in person, get married during Week 2, and then spend the third week honeymooning and enjoying being newlyweds.

While Memphis' friends were a little worried and skeptical about Memphis skipping the K-1 visa and going straight to a spousal visa, Memphis was convinced she had found her perfect match and the man of her dreams.

One of Memphis' pals pointed out how Hamza could be after a green card, but Memphis said Hamza wanted to start a new life, and a better life, with her. She dubbed Hamza consistent, but her friends apparently disagreed with her spontanous choices and feared Memphis getting hurt.

"I'm going to do what I want to do regardless, because I feel like this is right in my gut and in my heart," Memphis explained.

Memphis apparently had a complicated relationship with her mother, who wasn't around much when she was little. Since the women were trying to bond, Memphis hoped to have her mother's support about Hamza.

Memphis' mother Deborah, however, told the cameras that she thought Hamza probably had an ulterior motive, such as trying to get over to America to be with a woman who can take care of him. Deborah also wondered whether Hamza would be a good stepdad.

Memphis claimed she had told Hamza he must get a job in the United States in heating and cooling, so she didn't plan on supporting him financially for very long.

Memphis then shared how she had been in 12 different foster homes until the age of 19. Memphis' mother struggled with a crack addiction when Memphis was nine years old and her biological father was in prison.

Memphis said Deborah didn't like talking about the past, but Memphis felt her childhood played a part in her desire to feel secure with a man. She thought being married would fill a hole she's had in her heart, and Memphis looked forward to having a stable and complete family.

"I just hope in my heart the decision I am making is the right one," Memphis noted.


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